Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My ultimate workout playlist


When it comes to exercise, soundtrack is everything. At the gym I find the constant flow of dodgy dance remixes and trance tunes that play out over the PA to be really off-putting. I want tunes that motivate me, that make me feel like the badass I (almost) am. That means an eclectic mix of pop, bass, metal and rap to see me through both cardio and strength workouts.

Lyrics are pretty important to me too in a gym playlist - I want powerful humans like Beyonce and Eminem pushing me through, not some whiny voice sample! The playlist I generally use is also quite long - nothing worse than hearing the same song twice in one workout and being unable to focus on anything but how long that means you've been pumping weights for.
These days since Spotify have made their mobile app much easier to use I tend to just put the playlist below on using my iPhone, plug in my headphones and get to work!

What tunes motivate you to exercise?

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