Wednesday, 3 September 2014

5 Reasons to Jump on the Lemon Water Bandwagon

In case you've missed it, a real trend in the health and fitness world right now is drinking lemon water. By which I literally just mean sliced lemons (and sometimes other citrus fruit like limes or oranges) in bottled, chilled water. It's nothing revolutionary, that's for sure, but the potential health benefits alone are enough to sway me with this one.

There are various arguments for whether to have your lemon water hot or cold, with honey, green tea or other ingredients, but personally I prefer adding slices to a jug or litre bottle and keeping it in the fridge. It's especially refreshing in the morning to wake yourself up or after a hard workout.  To keep things fresh I will refill the water with same slices in for about 2-3 days before changing them for fresh. It gives the water a chance to soak up all their lemony goodness before they get a funny taste and go off which would be rubbish.

Here are my top reasons for giving lemon water a try:

1. It's PH neutralising - Although lemons contain citric acid, they are actually alkaline once digested by the body and can help reduce your body's acidity. Regulating PH levels is important because too much acidity can affect your body's ability to transfer oxygen around the blood and impact on your digestive system. To maximise these neutralising effects get your lemon fix in the morning before eating breakfast, but brush your teeth first as it can soften the enamel. Sciencey.

2. It's skin brightening - Lemons contain oodles of vitamin C, which can give your complexion a real boost. Drinking lemon water throughout the winter will help prevent skin from looking dull.

3. It could help prevent UTIs/cystitis - This one is the main reason I joined the lemon water party as I suffer from recurrent life-ruining episodes of cystitis (sorry, TMI). Because of lemon water's alkaline properties, it can help reduce the acidity of your urine therefore making it kinder on the bladder. It may not prevent you from getting the infection but it will at the very least help soothe the pain.

4. It helps reduce phlegm - There's a reason LemSip is called LemSip. Lemon is really good at breaking down phlegm. If you've got a sore throat too then add some organic natural set honey to hot lemon water and gargle to your hearts content.

5. It could reduce your caffeine intake - Starting the day with lemon water instead of coffee could be the way forward. It contains potassium, known for its super brain boosting properties, and none of the caffeine and sugar of your morning cup of Joe.


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