Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Three Films to See This November

Cinema tends to get really, really good this time of year - I guess the producers know cold weather makes the cinema the perfect activity! There are three films that I'm definitely going to see in the next month or so, and I thought I'd share them with you for anyone suffering from a case of can't-decide-what-to-watch-itis.


Horns, starring the increasingly attractive (tell me it's not just me?) and ever-wonderful Daniel Radcliffe and the lovely Juno Temple, just looks amazing. I love a weird, wonderful and dark bit of cinema and it's great to see Dan-Rad doing so many diverse acting roles. His character wakes up after a drunken night to find horns growing from his head and the power to have people reveal dark secrets to him. Expect an emotional roller-coaster and something a bit different!

I am so intrigued by this film! Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, a personal favourite of mine since his Donnie Darko days, Nightcrawler centres around the rise and demise of an American journo/cameraman who becomes so hooked on getting footage of crime scenes and accidents that he completely looses himself. I get the feeling this will be a hard-hitter.

Under no circumstances can we forget the most anticipated film of the year. I don;t even need a disclaimer for that - it's true! I can't believe that my beloved Hunger Games is nearing it's conclusion on the big screen. This instalment will be remarkably different to it's previous two as Katniss is thrown from the games into real life warfare. The adaptations have been very true-to-text so far so I'm interested to see what they'll do with this one. It's gonna be big guys.

What are you hoping to see at the cinema this month?


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