Sunday, 7 December 2014

Feeling Christmassy!

So, the tree is up and things are feeling father festive in the flat at the moment. We've also slowly started demolishing the sweets and treats stashed on top of the fridge - it certainly helps enhance the mood! 

I've been away from blogging over the last few weeks, taking a step back and focusing on work and real life. It's good to take a break sometimes even if it's just to free up a couple of hours a week for some me time and present wrapping! The dark winter evenings and busy weekends also meant I was running very low on usable photography.

This year I was given the tree and decorations by my mum - I didn't want to spend hundreds on a fancy tree and lavish decorations this year, nor had I decided what colour scheme to commit to, so her black, gold and bronze baubles are up. Although the tree is a little naked looking it suits our fairly minimalist-ly (yep, totally a word) decorated flat - next year I'll make a point of getting a real one but with limited space and not much time to think about it we're faking it for now. 

I have however picked up a couple of extra bits and am slowly filtering them into the house so that Mat doesn't get to Grinch-like about it being turned into a grotto. I found some gorgeous bunting in Tesco for £5 and a little reindeer in Primark for £2 that have given a once bare wall a festive makeover, and a few little figurines I picked up in Tiger for £1 are hiding about the house.

We don't do outside lights because 1) effort and 2) being too Christmassy from the road in Cambridge screams 'burgal me' but inside I'm also breaking out the clear vases of fairy lights and every spicy scented candle I can get my mittens on.

While I imagine we'll eventually invest in some slightly more upmarket decs, this year I'm happy that this year everything's been easy to get hold of and has cosied the place up a bit. I'm definitelyve ready for some festive fun with family and friends!

How are you getting in the mood for the holidays?


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