Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 plans for Tea Books Eyeliner

I'm not a huge fan of making New Year's resolutions concerning myself, but I'll happily look back on time spent on a project or hobby and set out goals for the future. This blog hasn't even been up and running for a year yet, but the past 7 months have been a steep learning curve and now is definitely the time to create feasible objectives that will take my little blog to the next level.

Improve on my photography - I don't have the fanciest camera, just a bridge camera that I've been using for years and years. It did occur to me a little while ago though that I've forgotten most of the tricks I learned in A level photography and haven't been using it to its full potential. This will be the year I get to grips with my camera properly to produce higher quality, more eye catching photos.

Promote my posts a little more - I really need to start promoting my posts properly. Sure they auto-publish to Twitter but that's currently about it. When I share them again later in the day or on Instagram, double or sometimes triple the amount of people read the post. I've got to put myself out there a bit more and not be so scared of sharing my content on more personal platforms like Facebook either,

Actually live up to my blog title - If I fell down on one thing during 2014 it was reading. Moving house, new job and a million other tasks took precedent over some serious page time, and I would often find myself falling asleep in front of the TV when I would much rather be reading a good book! This year I'm going to share reading lists, currently readings and reviews a lot more so that I can keep myself on track and actually give people more of what I promised when I created this blog: Lifestyle posts, book reviews and a little girliness thrown in for good measure.

I'll be looking back on these goals again in a few months time and giving you an update on where I am with them!

Wishing you all the best for 2015 from TBE HQ!! 


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