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Life Lately: Finding Balance, Learning Not to Give a Shit, Making Plans

I've noticed a shift this summer in the way that I've been spending my time. No doubt the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that I haven't written anything for you in a while (it's now autumn), and that I've taken a few breaks here and there from social media. It's been a bit of a revelation, to say the least.

The more time I spend offline, with friends (old and new) and family, the more I feel like my real self and the more I've let go of wanting to fit into a certain 'blogger girl' mould. I've been far less critical of myself, less concerned with trends, and much better at "self care". Living with anxiety is hard enough without the internet adding to my worries.
Being More 'Present' I've spent so much time eating, drinking, socialising, taking road trips, throwing a frisbee around, chilling in the garden, and working towards a new qualification for my job, that I just don't have the time to give to mindlessly sc…

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