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Currently reading: I Wrote This For You (Just the words), Iain Thomas

I don't really read romantic poetry or novels. At least not modern ones. I find them cheesy and clunky and generally unrealistic. I stumbled upon the I Wrote This For You project through tumblr though and instantly fell in love.

Began through a blog and eventually compiled into a book, I Wrote This For You is a series of poems that details the ups, downs, mundanes and extraordiniaries of an intense relationship between the writer and his love.

The book is available with accompanying photograph prompts by the wonderful Jon Ellis for those who also want something visual, as it appears on the original blog, or with just the words.

I don't sit and pour over the pages, but I often read a few passages before bed. It reminds me how important bonds between ourselves and others really are, and the words themselves are so beautifully written that particular poems have reduced me to tears.

If 'romance' or 'the love stuff' doesn't feature in your usual reading, I'd thoroughly suggest giving this a try. It's tender and genuine, but without the sugar coating that normally puts me off.

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