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Happy Birthday Harry

Today is good old HP's 34th birthday, and the birthday of our good queen, JK Rowling. To celebrate I've decided to dedicate a post to what the Wizarding World means to me.

Since the age of about 8, when my parents bought me the first couple of books for Christmas, I've been hooked on Potter. It was an escape from a world where I didn't really fit in, where I was considered bookish and strange and most people didn't really want to hang out with me in the playground. I latched on to Hermione's character. She was smart and that made her indispensable to the group. It gave me hope even throughout my teens that I could be dorky but also a bit cool and pretty useful!

I followed the Golden Trio all the way to the end in book and film, and over the last few years have also ended up visiting both the Studio Tour here in the UK and the amazing Wizarding World park in Universal Orlando. OK, so apparently Orlando was actually three years ago. Thanks Timehop.

I also ended up getting a Deathly Hallows tattoo on my back when I was 19. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world because it's such a conversation starter. I love books and writing, and I have Harry's world and Rowling's wonderful stories to thank for that. I wouldn't have taken my literature degree or tackled it with the Granger-like attitude that I did if it weren't for HP. I also have a house littered with memorabilia - I'm sure one day that magic wand on my bookshelf will kick into action. And don't even tell me you didn't wait for your Hogwarts letter to arrive on your 11th birthday...

Everyone has that one thing, whether it's a book, film, band or whatever, that they hold so close to their heart that it will always be a part of them. What's yours? I'll leave you with some pics of my Harry Potter experiences below! I cannot recommend them enough to fellow fans!

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