Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lush summer skin saviours

If you have oily skin like me, chances are the summer is not a good time for you. The constant battle between over cleansing or having a face like a slip'n'slide can be pretty stressful, and suffocating the skin with layers of powder and mattifying primers can result in angry breakouts that only make you want to apply more make up! Enter Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and Eau Roma toner water.

Neither of these products is specifically for an oily complexion. I have dabbled with other Lush products, such as the Cupcake mask which I love, but when oily skin turns angry I try to take a softer, non-stripping approach. The last thing I want is dry, stinging patches of skin where I've treated spots too aggressively, or over-production of oil because I've sent my skin into overdrive.

I had wanted to try the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask (£6.25) for a while, and since the stress of moving and the seriously humid weather have given me the most awful skin I've ever had in terms of spots, I figured this was as good a time as any! It's soothing and cooling and leaves my skin baby soft but without a residue. I apply it before bed a few times a week after exfoliating so it can work its magic on open pores. It seems to calm redness down too which few products really manage. The blueberry colour and aroma also may have had me pretending to be a smurf...

I saw a couple of reviews on the Eau Roma toner water (£7.50 for large bottle but a smaller handbag size available in-store) and while I don't normally use toners or face mists because my face really over-hydrates enough already, I couldn't resist the gentle lavender and rose water scent. I keep this in the fridge and spritz on over make up when I need a cool down or after a good cleanse. It feels cool and clean so is perfect for the warm weather, and is one of Lush's more affordable face products.

What products keep your skin in check over the summer?


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