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5 awesome blogs I read every day

I feel like it's time to share the blog love! I don't see enough of posts like this and I enjoy seeing what other people are into, so here are 5 blogs I read every single time I hit my bloglovin' feed!

Jennypurr - This freelance blogger and editor of A Little Opulent magazine (another favourite read) posts a mixture of lifestyle, beauty and some seriously helpful advice on blogging, finding inspiration, and life in general. Check out her latest post about living on a budget! That's certainly something I can relate to!

Vivianna Does Makeup - Chances are that if you're into beauty blogs, you've read Vivanna's blog or seen her great quality YouTube vids before. I try not to exclusively read just beauty blogs as it can have me getting carried away and building a shopping list WAY out of my budget, but Vivianna presents things in an honest, interesting way so she will always be a favourite.

Becky Bedbug - Becky's blog is tonnes of fun and is a mixture of lifestyle, beauty, book reviews and hilarious musings. She's also currently jetted off to Florida to get hitched at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - What's not to love?!

From Roses - Rebecca's blog is one of those that just oozes style. Also co-editor of A Little Opulent magazine, I only stumbled on her blog recently but it ticks all the right boxes. A perfect mix of post subjects and great photography.

Free People - Fashion brand Free People's blog is all about simple, clean and ethical living. I'm trying to clean up my act in a variety of ways at the moment, mainly through finding the right routine throughout the day, eating better and embracing life as much as I can, and these guys have been a great help so far!


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