Thursday, 21 August 2014

#ProjectBareAll - Makeup and me

After seeing some posts on #ProjectBareAll by Thumbelina Lillie and Zoe London lately, I thought it was time to examine my own (slightly unhealthy) relationship with makeup and beauty products.

I've used makeup in some shape or form almost every day since the age of 12 or 13. From a quick fix of powder and concealer to hide my greasy teenage skin to a full 3 coats of various products to remove all visible traces of my current breakout issues, things have gotten slightly out of hand.

It baffles me too how I will happily go (virtually) makeup free on beach holidays as if it's nothing but the idea of going to work or going into town with nothing on my face feels incredibly alien. Sure, I will happily go to the gym or do the weekly shop with a bare face, but any situation in which I could run into someone I know and I feel the urge to hide every imperfection.

Whether or not my skin would get better given a breather is debatable as mine doesn't always miraculously clear up while on holiday as some people's skin does, but I think going makeup-free more often and embracing what I actually look like would do my confidence some good even if it doesn't stop the dark circles under my eyes or my spotty forehead and chin.

The weird thing is that as I write this post I'm looking at this photo and beginning to realise that my foundation and mascara-less self doesn't look so shockingly, monstrously different and probably won't shock people the way I think it will. Despite the distinct lack of photo-flawless coverage and a post-shoot edit I actually don't think this is such a horrendous photo.

The #ProjectBareAll movement has been popping up all over the blogosphere since it began, and I hope that by plucking up the courage to share a photo that I wasn't that comfortable sharing with the internet, that I can inspire others to do the same!


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