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8 reasons being a pessimist is secretly awesome

Let me start this post by saying that I myself am a natural pessimist. I see my glass as half empty far more often than half full. That's not to say I'm never positive or happy, or that I'm unfriendly or horrible to be around (hopefully). It can sometimes make things a struggle but there are some hidden benefits to being a naturally negative person. Not that us pessimists will ever admit this because that would be far too jubilant!

8. You will never be disappointed with a rubbish gift because you were expecting it.

7. You probably injure yourself less.

6. You may actually live longer than your happy-go-lucky friends.

5. You will always exceed your own expectations.

4. People are much less likely to notice when you're actually feeling pretty miserable.

3. You have carefully played out every potential apocalyptic end-of-world scenario in your head for 'when the time comes'.

2. Your friends will always come to you for a good old whinge and moan.

1. You have these weird moments where you actually totally enjoy life and everything is hilarious, and that makes those moments all the more memorable.


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