Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Some Home Bits and Bobs!

It's no big secret that while renting is probably the best thing for Mat and I to do at the moment while we try and sort our savings (or lack of them) out, I hate living somewhere I can't decorate. We're plagued with wall-to-wall magnolia when all I want is white, white, white, and can't nail anything into the walls.

Despite this I have been on the hunt for little trinkets and ornaments that will make the place feel more homeley and reflect a bit more of ourselves. Here are a few of my favourite additions - I had planned to include more but it's been so dark and dreary over the weekend that I couldn't get any decent looking photos!

This heart decoration was from Asda believe it or not. Supermarket home ranges are getting a whole lot better and becoming a lot more affordable these days. This isn't available online but is in store for about £3.00!

No home is complete without flowers! This was from the Next Home summer range - I do like the butterfly detail but I might have to get hold of a more plain one for the autumn/winter season and store this elsewhere.

This little shelf on my dressing table is slowly filling with trinkets! I love these jewellery stands as storing it all away in boxes stops me from bothering to wear it. The same goes for makeup - these mock Muji drawers I found on eBay for about £8.00 make rotating beauty products so easy.

The photo clip included in this month's Birchbox inspired me to introduce some more personal things like postcards, photographs and ticket stubs into my interior - just because I can't hang them on the walls doesn't mean I can't display them somehow. I regularly pick up little postcards in Paperchase and museums as well as when on holiday. It's a bit of an addiction.

How you you put your stamp on your home?


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