Sunday, 21 September 2014

Taking Stock - Inspired by Holly in Your Pocket

I spied this post format over on Holly in Your Pocket the other day and just couldn't resist having a go! I really like this kind of exercises because they're good at making you stop and think about where you are in life and what's really important. If you want to have a go let me know as I'd love to see everyone else's! Here goes nothing:

Making :: time to just chill, for myselfCooking :: my lunch! Pasta it is on a lazy Sunday, no roast today!

Drinking :: green tea

Reading :: a couple of books on meditation

Wanting :: to go on holiday!Looking :: forward to autumn and winter

Playing :: if only I had time to play my Xbox these days

Deciding :: to let some things goWishing :: for some time to think

Enjoying :: my new job - it's pretty fast paced but I love it

Waiting :: for a hospital appointment on Wednesday. Oh how I loathe them

Liking :: the chilly but sunny weather

Wondering :: what the future will hold now I'm moving forward

Loving :: living with Mat in a little bubble but still being close enough to see family and friends lots

Pondering :: I try not to ponder too much in case I get anxious over something silly

Considering :: an actual serious budget to stick to financially

Watching :: Supernatural. I'm already a huge fan but Mat is just catching up before season 10 begins next month

Hoping :: to sort out a decent gym routine I can make progress with

Smelling :: a spicy Christmas candle - it's that time of year almost!

Wearing :: a big comfy jumper

Noticing :: the leaves changing

Feeling :: refreshed

Buying :: some new foundation. Nothing special I know but I was in need of something better suited to my skin type

Getting :: Excited for the seasons changing - did I mention that already?

Snacking :: on ALL the wrong things

Hearing :: some heavier stuff I listened to a few years ago, so nostalgic

What are you taking stock of right now?

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! Really glad you liked the post :) hope everything goes well at your appointment! xx


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