Wednesday, 22 October 2014

5 things I've learnt this year so far

I spotted this post by Rocio over on Let it Be Cosy and I couldn't resist pinching the format. We're getting towards the end of the year now and looking back I've definitely learnt a lot. From changing jobs to moving in with my boyfriend, 2014 so far has been challenging but rewarding.
  1. Change doesn't have to be scary. I would never have thought this time last year that I would've left my miserable old job for an exciting new work opportunity, or that I would be living in Cambridge. And yet here I am, it didn't hurt too much and things can only get better!
  2. I can bake. Kind of. I've made a few successful desserts and biscuit batches this year. I'm working towards making things like granola bars and healthy snacks though as I've developed a humongous sweet tooth. 
  3. Yoga is the way forward. For the last 6 month's I've been practising a couple of times a week and not only has my balance improved but it helps me feel calm AND I can now touch my toes which even as I child I couldn't.
  4. I am definitely an introvert. Moving in with Mat and not having my own bedroom all to myself to hibernate in has helped me learn how badly I need time completely alone to recharge. Most of the time I can slink off with a book to reboot and look inward a little but I'm still finding the balance.
  5. I'm not that bad a driver. By which I mean I've been behind the wheel for almost a year and haven't hit anyone or lost my no claims bonus. All jokes aside I was very nervous to learn to drive but it's probably the best thing I could have done in terms of independence and exchanging my 3 hours a day spent on public transport for some extra time relaxing.
What have you found out about yourself this year?

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