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On blogging with a full-time job

My actual paid job at a marketing agency is one I for the most part enjoy, but blogging is something of a sanctuary to me - something that's totally mine and doesn't need to make me any money. Having said that, when something is a hobby rather than your day job, it can be really easy to let it fall by the wayside when your work life gets busy or stressful. There are a few steps I try to take so that this doesn't happen.

Plan as far ahead as you can - When it comes to Tea-Books-Eyeliner I like to know what my posts are going to be around two-three weeks in advance and to have at least one, if not two, weeks worth of posts drafted and ready to go. It means that if you get tied up or are just too stressed to spend your well-earned weekend writing blog posts, you won't have to. Full-time, self-employed bloggers may not need to do this, but even some of those guys do so that they can get more done. It pays to be prepared and you'll thank yourself for doing it!

Photograph in batches - I like to use my own photography wherever I can, but winter nights and a flat that's best lit at around 11am means that to get good quality images with my less-than-fancy bridge camera I need to take them at the weekend. This isn't the worst thing though, as it means I am usually able to take two weeks worth of photos and edit them all there and then, and am good to go!

Don't sweat it if it gets too much - Make realistic commitments (I tend to prefer posting 3-4 good posts a week rather than 7 rushed and ill-considered ones) and do not beat yourself up if you fall behind or miss something. That's the point when the hobby becomes un-enjoyable and you begin to lose your passion. Just sit down, regroup and make a plan for going forward.

Don't compare yourself to others - On a final note. I find it can be really easy to look at the blogs of full-timers and wonder how you'll ever achieve what they have. Hell, even part-time bloggers with other jobs can seem to do the impossible sometimes. Just do your thing, it's what your readers love you for.

Happy blogging everyone!


  1. Great advice! I need to work on the first one

    1. Don't get me wrong I really do slip up with my organisation sometimes, but the further in advance you can write posts the better so you've got some recovery time!!