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Photoshoot at The Factory Covent Garden

I don't know about you but as a teenager I was not in the least bit jealous of those girls who got group photoshoots as birthday presents. Cakey makeup, those weird circular chairs that everyone posed on, and getting taken for a serious ride when the shoot was over and the photographer wanted £1000 for the disc just wasn't my cup of tea.

My friend Lana and I were approached a little while ago however to have a shoot at The Factory in Covent Garden, London, and while we had some initial reservations about the salesman's claims of a non-cheesy, professional environment we weren't disappointed. 

For £20 each we spent a good couple of hours having our nails, hair and makeup done to a really high standard, with champagne and fruit juices on tap and music in the background. The studio is a little on the small side, so only one pair or group could be shot at a time. This meant there was a little waiting to be done but it wasn't too bad and we spent most of it jabbering and taking selfies.

We went into the studio together and shot a range of individual and group shots against multiple backdrops and had 3 different outfit changes. It went by really quickly and the chatty photographer (whose name has escaped me!) was non-creepy and most importantly made us laugh and feel natural. I'm definitely not a poser and felt really awkward about the whole thing but we got there in the end!

We were originally only meant to have one photo each on a disc and prices for more weren't all that cheap, but when going through the photos in the office we couldn't decide! All our umming and ahhing paid off and we walked away with five for an additional £40. It's something we probably won't get the chance to do again and the photos turned out great so we really didn't mind!

I'd highly recommend booking if you can - happy snapping!

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