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Something for the weekend (#1)


Happy weekend everyone! This post marks the first in a new series of weekly posts rounding up my favourite bits and bobs from the past week, whether it's blog posts, quotes, recipes or otherwise. Think of it as a little collection of tidbits to amuse yourself with on a lazy weekend morning.

A favourite post of mine was this one from the lovely guys at Free People, called 'How To Extend Your Yoga Practice Throughout The Day'. I enjoy a spot of yoga, but being so busy it can be easy to slip back into being stressed and tense the second a session is over. This handy post helps you hold onto that post-yoga feeling for longer.

I recently began compiling a Pinterest board full of inspirational quotes to remind me to live simply and wonderfully.

This weekend I'll be trying Elsie's mouthwatering recipe for rosemary roasted almonds. Yum.

Staying in this weekend? Here are my top TV picks for some serious binge viewing.Grab a blanket or five, get the kettle on and snuggle down.

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