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'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler will make her your new BFF

I am a massive fan of Parks & Recreation (and if you're not, you should be!), but I had no idea what to expect from improv comedian, writer and actress Amy Poehler's book, Yes Please. True to form I was bowled over by her honesty and humour and frankly I was she was my BFF. The book is part autobiography, part series of hilarious, occasionally drug-fuelled anecdotes, and somewhere between this and her frankly very good advice, I was hooked.

The one thing that left me feeling very relieved once I got my teeth stuck into Amy's story is that she is by no means delusional about how exceptional her life has been, but also doesn't deny that it's been difficult to get there. It was inspiring to see that for years and years she was knocked back before hitting a series of big breaks that lead her to SNL and Parks but literally just kept going through all the crap. 

It was also nice to hear from a woman in her forties that hasn't turned boring and sour from marriage, kids and divorce. Being an adult doesn't sound that bad when you hear it from her. There are also guest chapters from a few familiar faces, including Tina Fey and Seth Myers, who I love.

Even if you've never seen Parks or SNL or actually heard of Amy Poehler I would highly recommend giving this a go. In fact I insist that you do.


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