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Beating winter skin

I'm an oily skinned girl, as I've no doubt mentioned several times before, but that doesn't mean my skin doesn't get dehydrated. I find the winter can be a constant battle between trying to get rid of dry patches and having a face that resembles a slip and slide. Couple that with chapped lips, dry hands and itchy eyes and frankly this season is really not good for the skin. Luckily, this year I've found a few products that help and I now really wouldn't be without them!

For your daytime face: I've seen this stuff recommended by beauty fanatics everywhere, and boy is it good. Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + gets deep into the skin and helps strengthen its own moisture barrier, making the benefits last. I don't always use this on my whole face, usually just dry areas like my nose and temples. It means that makeup just glides on and there's no flakiness in sight.

For your night time face: My skin can get suffocated by thick night creams and that tends to spell the word 'breakout', so I usually turn to The Body Shop's Tea Tree Night Lotion for a little moisture while I sleep. The tea tree formula acts as a natural antibacterial as well as controlling excess sebum, and from my experience actually does work!

For dry, itchy eyes: I love the Botanics skincare range by Boots. It's affordable and covers a range of different skin types so there's something for everyone, and uses organic and natural ingredients. Their 80% Organic Hydrating Eye Cream is something of a holy grail product for me. Intensely moisturising without being irritating or chemical smelling, and while it takes a couple of minutes to soak in also not greasy. I'll happily apply under-eye concealer over the top of this too.

For sore hands: I love hand cream, and do get dry, cracked knuckles this time of year, but I also get clammy palms.This has in the past been a dilemma when trying to choose a hand cream that can ease the dryness on one side without giving me slippery paws on the other. Enter The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream, a nourishing formula that soaks in quickly without leaving a stickyish residue. I keep a tube on my desk and a tube in my bag so I'm never without!

For chapped lips:
I recently invested in the Burt's Bees Replenishing Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm after my lips dried out so much they bled and my usual go-to just wasn't cutting it. This stuff is magic and the slight pinky tint keeps lips looking healthy while the formula does its thing. I saw a difference after barely a day and now I don't let it leave my bag!

For a parched bod: Much like I totally forgot to include a body product in the photo for this post (damnit), so many of us are in such a rush in the mornings we forget anything below the neck. I like to slather on Soap & Glory's highly regarded The Righteous Butter after a shower, as it's very moisturising but soaks in quickly so you can get dressed sharpish. The scent is also amazing and although my skin can be a bi sensitive to perfumed products I've never had a problem with this stuff, even after shaving.

So there you go, hopefully this selection will help you banish dull, dry winter skin for good this time!

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