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Something for the weekend (#2)

This week has flown by quickly, but nicely, as I've had a couple of days off work to chill, get organised, and hang out with Mat. Here are some of my blog-related highlights from the last week:

I've been indulging a little more in my skincare recently - check out my favourites for a Sunday pamper here.

I'm no stranger to writers block and have been struggling a little for original post ideas lately! The lovely Rebecca at From Roses read my mind with this helpful advice on how to pull yourself out of inspirational slump.

Hannah Gale has official entered the building as a full-time blogger and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm looking forward to more frank posts like this one about why we find it so hard to accept that we are good enough, as well as some general hilarity and some beauty and style thrown in for good measure.

This week I've been obsessing over indoor plants on Pinterest. I haven't spied the perfect succulents for myself just yet but it looks as though plenty of others have!

Lastly (but not least) I've been looking to get back into meditation. I used to do it all the time - on my lunch break, before bed, on trains - but since changing jobs and moving in with Mat I've been finding it hard to catch those quiet, still moments. This post from the ladies at A Little Opulent has only made me feel more serious about making it a habit once more.

What have you lot been up to this week?

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