Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring style

So as I write this it seems to be grey and absolutely chucking it down outside. This aside the weather has been pretty nice recently and this weekend has been a little warmer! Here are a few spring staples I recently picked up to help inject a lighter look into my usually dark and dingy wardrobe:

Shirt, Dorothy Perkins - link
Longline T-shirt, H&M - link
Stripey top, picked up in a Tesco sale but similar here - link
Dress, Dorothy Perkins - link


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A little March skincare discovery

April's issue of Glamour magazine features some luxuriously sized samples from natural skincare brand Balance Me. I'm definitely a fan of their Wonder Eye Cream having tried and tested this over quite some time, but had never really tried any of their other facial products.

When it comes to facewashes and cleansers I'm really not a 'gentle' kind of girl. My seriously (like, seeeeeriously) oily skin needs a good seeing to to get all the grime off and I'm probably a bit addicted to the squeaky clean feeling a 'harsher' product gives me. When I saw this magazine freebie though, containing a much talked about product from the brand, I thought I'd give it a go.

Pure Skin Face Wash is just dreamy. The formula is creamy (which at first spelled 'nightmare' to me), but still manages to lift off all the grime and makeup of the day. There is no residue, yet my skin feels hydrated and not stripped. I think this will become a staple for me as I have to admit my skin could probably do with a break from constant use of heavy duty cleansing washes!

Oh, and the magazine is worth a read too!


Sunday, 15 March 2015

10 things I wish I could tell my younger self.

1. Stay away from the purple hair dye. It'll look great for about a week then turn your hair a weird ginger colour you'll have to wait 4 years to grow out.

2. While we're at it, you should also consider giving your eyebrows a trim and investing in a pencil - bushy-yet-sparse will never, ever catch on.

3. Your grades actually probably will come in quite handy in your line of work, so keep trying for that pesky A* and that 1st you'll eventually wrangle.

4. For God's sake stop being so antisocial, spending all day on Tumblr and hating other humans so much. You'll have to work to rebuild friendships with people you didn't stay in touch with later on...

5. Your judgement about what kind of person somebody is will unfailingly turn out right, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a chance. Jesus, woman.

6. The triple-decker cheese sarnie you eat at 10pm every night for the entirety of college WILL push you up a dress size and that tummy pooch will not look good. Don't do it.

7. You absolutely can beat your anxiety down with a stick and win at life. Maybe not every single day but definitely most of them. So put the Xbox controller down, get out of bed, get dressed and crack the fuck on.

8. Appreciate your parents more. They worry about you a lot and being an ungrateful dick about it m makes you seem like a prize wally.

9. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT let any boy control how you feel about yourself.

10. Save like hell rather than spending all your money in Primark and McDonald's. pleeeeeeease?

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Something for the weekend (#4)

I've had SUCH a busy work-week and a broken down car (can anybody say "I hate public transport"?) but this weekend is aaaaall about the chillin'. I'll be having a little spring clear-out, cooking up some lunches for the week ahead (I'm really trying to sort out my eating habits before I develop diabetes) and cooking Sunday lunch for my Mum tomorrow. Make sure you don't forget Mother's Day guys! Here are a few of my favourite posts from the blogosphere over the last week or so:

I made some gorgeous no-bake granola bars this morning using this recipe from Joanna at Free People. I'm a serial bake-burner so these really appealed to me. They taste a-maaaazing and are pretty healthy compared to the many, many chocolate bars I've been shoving down at work recently.

I've also been feeling a real Spring vibe (finally!) and compiled a little playlist on Spotify to go with it - check it out here.

It was the battle of the dry shampoos on Thursday - I was surprised which brand came out on top!

I also explored whether you can still shop your feelings away while on a budget - there were a few little pick-me-up purchases that definitely did the trick for just a few pounds.

A favourite post of mine this week was this one about the power of vulnerability over (again, woops - can you tell these guys are my fave at the moment?) on the Free People blog. It really touched a nerve and made me want to be less guarded about my thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to let go of the shame we attach to doing so.

Happy weekend you beautiful readers, you!
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Appreciating your Mum

This is just a little note to say that this Sunday is Mother's Day - make sure you take some time out to appreciate the woman that made you into who you are today. It doesn't matter how you do it - whether with a card and flowers, a pampering gift, a day out or just a few kind words, just be sure to let her know she is loved. These gorgeous cards from Paperchase will be making an appearance, and my sister and I will be cooking dinner for our Mum. We could of course have gone out for food but as my sister doesn't cook at all we thought this would be a nice way to help her learn! It's all about togetherness.

If you don't have your mother in your life, it can be a hard day - why not take some time to show another female figure in your life some love? It could be an older sister, an aunt, grandparent or step-mother. I'm sure they would it!

Have an amazing day!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dry shampoo: Batiste VS Herbal Essences

I've been a loyal user of Batiste dry shampoo for donkeys years, it's seen me through festivals, essay deadlines and hungover outings a-plenty, but these days there are many more brands venturing into this area. We are constantly being told that harsh shampoos and overwashing adds to damage and causes scalp irritation, so I can certainly see why they'd want to cash in on that.

My first venture into other brands has been the Herbal Essences Clearly Naked offering, and it has yet to disappoint. It has less of a powdery texture and feels cool and refreshing on the scalp. This means there's also less of a product build-up in the hair, but grease is still absorbed really well. There is a mild, natural smelling fragrance that makes hair smell as good as new, and the formula is free from Parabens and other nastys which we ideally want to avoid spraying onto our heads.I found with this product that my hair is far less weighed down too.

While Batiste has served me well I think I've found a new favourite - gone are the days of chalky partings and flat looking locks between washes!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pick-me-up purchases

So, material goods are definitely not the be all and end all, but even when living on a budget a feel the occasional little purchase can really help lift my mood and doesn't have the same feeling of guilt attached to it as a real splurge does. Whether it's something new to try for a blog review or a little something to brighten up a room, there are loads of things out there that can provide this little pick-me-up for just a couple of pounds.

One thing that never fails in this regard is the postcard stand in Paperchase. Whether your sticking them on the fridge or making a collage over your workspace, these little bad boys are about 60p and while all very pretty, some also carry motivating slogans which you can look at to remind yourself to keep going with a project or even just help you get out of bed that day.

Last week I also discovered H&M have given their beauty range a bit of an overhaul, probably to catch up with the other maaaajor player in the game -TopShop. Their offerings are much cheaper than TopShop's and are cute to boot, The little makeup purse in the photograph cost just £2.99 and the rose-hued eyeshadow palette a mere £3.99. I'll be reviewing these next week so stay tuned.

These days I do try to avoid Primark in favour of places like H&M for affordable items as I've grown uncertain about quality, but their jewellery and footwear are perfect for people who like to chop and change (and loose/ruin things). The necklaces pictured were just £3 for the set and have reeeeally got me into the mood for the little break in Marrakech Mat and I have booked for June.

I was also going to include my £1 supermarket daffodils in the photo but they managed to die before I could get round to it, but these are also a brilliant shout for adding a little brightness to your day!

Happy buying!


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Midweek Mantra

Wednesdays are called 'hump day' for a reason. Monday is firmly behind us, but the hard slog of two more working days remain. Wednesdays are often stressful - projects in full swing, deadlines approaching, lack of sleep, etc, etc. I was reminded today not to let this day-to-day stuff bother me when I stumbled upon the above saying.

In five years, will you remember the report you handed in two days late? Will you remember forgetting your lunch and having to spend £10 on food in Marks & Spencer (I say this like I would regret it)? The gym class you missed? The dress you deleted from your ASOS basket because let's be honest you're overdrawn and that won't help matters?

Chances are you wont. What's going on now that will matter in five years is how you handle yourself, how you impact on those around you,experiences and moments that will change you. Don't sweat the small stuff. Every time you feel aggravated or disappointed, think back to five years ago. I bet loads of stuff went on that at the time literally felt like the end of the world. But look at you still trooping on and living life as if that never happened!

Accept that with a failure, a stressful day or an annoyance, the day will come where it won't matter one little bit.

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