Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pick-me-up purchases

So, material goods are definitely not the be all and end all, but even when living on a budget a feel the occasional little purchase can really help lift my mood and doesn't have the same feeling of guilt attached to it as a real splurge does. Whether it's something new to try for a blog review or a little something to brighten up a room, there are loads of things out there that can provide this little pick-me-up for just a couple of pounds.

One thing that never fails in this regard is the postcard stand in Paperchase. Whether your sticking them on the fridge or making a collage over your workspace, these little bad boys are about 60p and while all very pretty, some also carry motivating slogans which you can look at to remind yourself to keep going with a project or even just help you get out of bed that day.

Last week I also discovered H&M have given their beauty range a bit of an overhaul, probably to catch up with the other maaaajor player in the game -TopShop. Their offerings are much cheaper than TopShop's and are cute to boot, The little makeup purse in the photograph cost just £2.99 and the rose-hued eyeshadow palette a mere £3.99. I'll be reviewing these next week so stay tuned.

These days I do try to avoid Primark in favour of places like H&M for affordable items as I've grown uncertain about quality, but their jewellery and footwear are perfect for people who like to chop and change (and loose/ruin things). The necklaces pictured were just £3 for the set and have reeeeally got me into the mood for the little break in Marrakech Mat and I have booked for June.

I was also going to include my £1 supermarket daffodils in the photo but they managed to die before I could get round to it, but these are also a brilliant shout for adding a little brightness to your day!

Happy buying!


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