Monday, 6 April 2015

6 signs you're doing perfectly fine at this adult thing

Because sometimes we just need to be reminded we aren't totally failing at life.

1. You only occasionally need to smell an item of clothing to check if you've worn it to death yet or not. Hopefully this means you've mastered the art of putting dirty laundry straight into the basket, almost all of the time. Go you!

2. You can cook something other than beans on toast or pasta bake. Branching out to the occasional stir fry or spag bol was terrifying to me at uni, now I can do it all from scratch with minimal panic. Sometimes I even to the washing up straight after. Drying up and putting everything away is probably more of a middle-aged activity - no?

3. You try and maybe go to the gym like twice a week. Who am I kidding - it's more like once and during the hour that you're there you might run a couple of km, squat 20 kilos a few times and take more selfies then ever necessary. At least you're trying!

4. The thought of staying in on a Friday night actually sounds preferable to going out. I've been at this stage for a while but I feel like a massive part of being an adult is embracing what little down time you might get and learning to love marathoning Netflix shows in your PJs on your total lonesome. It's cheaper and the hangover is (usually) absent the next day.

5. You do however still know how to party. I feel like the older I get the easier it is for me to get a little tipsy and let loose. I'm the same old me, but a much cheaper date.

6. You have a job of some description that you're relatively happy doing and a roof over your head. As a twenty-something it can be easy to compare ourselves to others, especially those who seem one step ahead in life. If you're earning money doing something you don't hate and renting yourself a place to live (a room in your parents' house totally counts btw so long as you're contributing a little!) then you're already doing better than some people. Don't worry about the friend who's already putting down a mortgage deposit and owns a new car. Move at your own pace.


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  1. Hahaha! Loving this. I'm an adult-ish! Staying in on a Friday is heaven. Another sign you're an adult: you come back home from a night with friends around the time you used to go out with friends when you were younger. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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