Sunday, 26 April 2015

7 underrated perks of being a girl

I see soooo many posts about why it sucks to be a human of the female variety. Probably more so than I do posts talking about why being a girl totally fucking rocks. Yeah, OK, the whole period thing isn't great and we should definitely be being paid the same as men, but lets not forget that there are some serious advantages to owning ladyparts.

1. Makeup. Glorious makeup. Got a huge zit? Hi there, concealer. Feeling ghostly pale? Enter bronzer. Feeling a little sassy? Eyeliner and a red lip will totally take care of that for you. Thankfully we're in some weird sort of makeup golden age these days where it's both something of an art form (cheers YouTubers!) and completely optional should you not really be into slapping it on. I thank the lord every day for mascara making me look like I'm vaguely awake and have made some sort of effort.

2. Being able to cry in the cinema/at work/in the changing room in swimsuit season and nobody batting an eyelid. I sometimes feel a little bad for men - they get a bad rap for expressing their emotions and as a result keep everything below the surface. As a girl I can cry on cue (often about absolutely nothing) in front of whoever I like and it's completely acceptable. Yes I just lost my last save on Sims 3. You'd be gutted too if you'd just spent 4 hours creating the Kardashian family and their dream mansion.

3. Being shorter than guys. I'm fairly tall by female standards BUT I still need Mat if I can't reach a high shelf or change a lightbulb. It makes me feel dinky and I like it, OK?

4. Having doors opened for you. I am a firm believer in equality but I also think that chivalry is a wonderful thing and definitely shouldn't die out along with its less welcome cousin, misogyny. A polite man holding a door open, a bunch of flowers, riding shotgun...the possibilities are endless!

5. Nail varnish. I admittedly am not the most feminine girl there ever was but I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't pick a random colour from my collection and instantly brighten my mood. I feel like I've got my shit together when I've had time to get my nails did.

6. Other girls! This is my favourite thing about feminism and its growing momentum. There's some bizarre cultural myth that women need to be constantly in competition with other women. The word bitch is thrown around like nobody's business. Everybody supposedly wants to be top dog. In reality, outside of the playground and the boardroom, this just isn't true. I'm a firm believer in sisterhood, and I want all of us to succeed in our own right. I'm betting you do too.

7. Living longer. Sure it's only an extra few years, but every little helps. Thank you, vagina.

What do you love about being a girl?

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