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4 things you should definitely do this bank holiday weekend

Phew, what a long post title!! Now we've established what I'm about to cover, let me wish you all a very happy Easter. I'm not one for religious occasions but I'm all for chocolate, big family lunches and welcoming the coming spring and summer! I always panic a little bit at the thought of bank holidays - those extra days are oh so important to those of us who work Mon-Fri and I always worry I won't spend them wisely. Here are a few things I'll definitely be doing this bank holiday weekend:

Relax - Obvious to some, but an extra long weekend is an ideal time to kick back and recuperate. I've been super duper busy with work lately, as well as jam-packed weekends, so get the classic busy-body guilt feeling when I sit down and do nothing. Yesterday however I spent the whole day in joggers on the sofa, playing Sim City and watching Netflix. Sometimes you just gotta slow right down and give your brain and body a rest.

Get outside - The weather where I am is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. One day it's glorious sunshine, the next it's raining, the next your being blown into the road into the path of on coming traffic (it happens, I don't weigh much!). That being said, so long as you've got a coat you can definitely get a bit of fresh air. Whether you go for a walk in the park or a full-on bike ride/hike, a dose of the great outdoors can be good for the soul.

Eat - As if I even have to say it!! Even if you like to eat healthy or are watching your weight, don't let this weekend make you feel bad for parading all its glorious food under your nose - just indulge! There's no way I could ever let myself feel bad about eating something special like a posh Easter egg or a roast lamb dinner...

Be grateful - Gratitude is a wonderful thing, and with Easter bringing with it the theme of taking stock and moving forward, there is never a better time to show it. Whether you spend time with loved ones to show your appreciation, or even just write down things that you're thankful for and keep hold of it, make sure you consider all the good in your life and all the wonderful things to come.


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