Sunday, 19 April 2015

What to do when life gets way, way too much

Lately I've taken a massive step back. I was beginning to feel like life was swallowing me up. Work stress, constant deadlines, desperately wanting to eat healthily but having no time to do the cooking, trying to train myself to run 10k for a race (more on that later in the week), health issues that have caused me serious worry, I really could go on. It's insane the amount we have to do in order to stay on top of the game and it can take a massive toll. I'm definitely not the only one who feels like this, so here are a few steps I've taken, or am trying to take, to clear my head and get back on track.

Prioritise - This blog is something that I love, but it's a hobby and I have to be honest and say it's the first thing to fall by the wayside when the going gets tough. It's important to be able to place importance on things like health and your personal life in times of stress, anxiety or depression. Other things to let go of when you need to focus inward include doing the dishes, going to the gym every day and wasting 20 minutes every morning getting the perfect eyeliner flick. Give it up and place importance on what matters.

Remember you are not the only one - It can be so, so easy nowadays to scroll down your instagram or blog feed and feel totally inferior to everyone else. I often find myself thinking "Why doesn't my apartment look that trendy/clean/expensive?", "How does she have time to do her hair and make up so perfectly every day?" and "If only I had that high-flying, minimum effort required job!". The truth is though that everyone struggles. All you see on social media and blogs is what people want to show you.

Take a day to hibernate (but only one) - Sometimes the best way to deal with the world feeling like it's on top of you is to shut it out completely. Don't take a week off to stay in bed and ignore everybody, you won't thank yourself for wasting aaaall that free time later. Do take a day away from others to recharge, watch a little Netflix and order yourself some pizza. It's only a day and the respite will leave you with a clearer perspective on things.

Confide, confide, confide - Everybody needs a relationship or friendship in which you can be confident enough to ask for advice (or just vent solidly for 2 hours) during hard times. Don't be ashamed to tell someone you're struggling with something - they may even feel the same.

How do you guys cope when life gets a bit much?


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