Sunday, 17 May 2015

My Little Provence Box

So last month I decided to shake things up a bit and cancel my Birchbox subscription in order to give My Little Box a go. I liked the sound of the crafty/creative element and was getting a bit tired of seeing the same old brands in Birchboxes. At £11 a month plus P&P the price tag is virtually the same, but from my first couple of My Little Box experiences I've really been so much more impressed.

Now I'll admit here that after taking a much needed but totally accidental break from posting over the last couple of weeks I let my first box, My Little Dream Box fall by the wayside - maybe I'll post a review of its contents retrospectively at some point this month as when I posted a snap on instagram everyone was so interested! Whoops!

May's theme is 'My Little Provence Box', which is oozing with odes to the classic southern-French summer (and really making me want to go on holiday, thanks for that). As always there is a gorgeous little postcard print, created by My Little Box's talented in-house illustrator, as well as the fold-out magazine.

Unlike other subscription boxes where I'll hang on to the contents card until I've written the review and bin everything else, this magazine is actually something I look forward to reading. This month there is a fab nail tutorial with easy-to-follow instructions, a craft tutorial (relating to my favourite thing in this months box - I'll get to that in a mo) and a really interesting interview with L'Occitane founder Oliver Baussan, whose brand was founded in the olive groves and lavender fields of Provence. What's more, the magazine folds out into a beautiful illustrated poster - Brucey bonus right there.

So, the first thing I opened was a little blue and while cardboard pouch, which contains a thick gold cuff/bangle and two coloured threads. It took me a minute to totally get what the point was, but then it clicked - you thread the pattern yourself! Oh, the possibilities.There are a few different patterns with instructions in the magazine and I cannot wait to spend this afternoon creating one!

Next up is the beauty bag - an adorable little canvas bag that comes each month with sample and full-size goodies inside. This one has a summery print on and is definitely going in my hand luggage when I travel to Marrakech next month! The contents are also perfect for jet setting, with a travel-sized hand cream, shower gel, body lotion and bar soap, all from L'Occitane. No 3 for 2 on extortionate Boots miniatures for me - I'm now well and truly sorted. Did I also mention that everything smells just glorious? It was also nice to see something from the company's own line, My Little Beauty - a bronze-toned eyeshadow pencil that applies smoothly and stays all day.

At the bottom of the box I also found a cute fridge magnet that's actually a paper doll - you can dress her and put a drink in her hand which I just thought was a really fun extra. I've dressed her here to protect her modesty, obviously.

As you can tell by the fact that I've just spent 400 words waxing lyrical about them, the guys at My Little Box put sooo much effort into each box. If you fancy something a little different, maybe a little more themed and meaningful, this is definitely the subscription for you.

You can subscribe to My Little Box here to get your own!

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  1. That's really cool, I'm going to look into these!!! X

  2. They really are worth a try and the best thing is you can cancel any time as it's just a rolling subscription! :)

    Thanks for reading! x

  3. What a great box! The fridge magnets are so cute!
    Kirsty x



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