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Wanderlust - My travel bucket list

I've always loved going to new countries, but it's only in adulthood that I've really learned what a privilege it is to be able to jump on a plane (after a little saving) and be able to see anywhere in the world I so wish. I have a sort of mental bucket list that I keep of places I dream of going to and aim to slowly but surely tick them off. Here they are in no particular order:

Am I cheating by including this if I'm going next week? This bustling, historic city in Morocco has been on my list ever since I new it existed and I cant wait to immerse myself in the beautiful architecture and barter with stallholders in the Souks.

While I've been to Florida three times now there's something about the more temperate, mountainous regions of the USA that have me totally spellbound. I think this is largely due to my obsession with Twilight's rural Washington landscapes as a teenager. I want to hike, immerse myself in nature and see nothing but green!

Santorini is really picking up popularity as a holiday destination, which unfortunately means it's also getting very expensive. I loved Cyprus, Crete and Corfu (Rhodes not so much) but there's something about the untouched, more traditional look and feel of Santorini's whitewashed coastline that draws me there.

The south of France is somewhere I hadn't really considered exploring until recently. I'll blame Pinterest for bringing this region's fields of lavender and gorgeous cobbled streets onto my radar.

Having seen the coastlines of Mexico I actually didn't think there could be anywhere more perfect - until I started researching Fiji. The waters seem so crystal clear and the landscape so lush and green.

I know so many people that have traveled around Thailand that if I'm honest I just want to see what all the fuss is about. I feel like the culture here will be so incredibly different from our own.

I am definitely attracted to eastern architecture and Cambodia is a top destination for this. In the last few years I've also really awakened my spiritual side and become interested in Buddhism and meditation so this would be quite a meaningful trip for me to take.

New York
The above picture perfectly sums up why this is on my list. The madness of the city that never sleeps and yet at its centre is this incredibly beautiful park that provides a little respite from the non-stop New York lifestyle. Oh and shopping, do not forget the shopping.

What destinations would make your travel bucket list?

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