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Sometimes you just need new PJs

I swear until now my pyjama drawer has been a constant rotation of 'old and comfy but no-one should ever see' and 'Christmas/penguin themed so really not appropriate for the time of year'. I'm not really one for sleeping naked (thanks to a lifelong fear I'll be burgled and have to chase someone down the street in my birthday suit), so I figured it was time for an overhaul.

Naturally, popping into Primark to pick up a new set of PJs snowballed a bit, and I left with the comfiest Hogwarts lounge pants known to man and magic, plus a sleep shirt, some shorts, AND a totally unrelated but very necessary Jurassic World t-shirt. Love them dinosaurs, so on point. Oh, and I also didn't make it to the check out before I spied a snazzy geometric print duvet cover set in the home selection and added a few more little bits to the basket.

I slept amazingly last night, all clean and bathed in new jammies with new sheets. There's something about it that makes you feel totally reborn. Now, if someone could also explain to me why no human being can enter a Primark and leave with only the thing they went in for, that would be really helpful...

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