Sunday, 2 August 2015

Easy(ish) ways to get yourself out of a motivational funk

Whether you work from home or in an office, whether your job is creative or administrative (or anything else really) there are times that no matter how much you like what you do you just can't seem to find your 'get up and go'. We've all been there. If like me, you've only been in the post-uni working world for a couple of years, it can be easy to feel like your job/career is swallowing you up and that you're not advancing fast enough! Here are some little things you can do that will make all the difference to your motivation.

Get a new diary or planner - I always manage to miss the boat on a new diary in January, but this time of year is also great for picking up pretty and practical stationery (I see you, Back to School section in Paperchase). Try and pick something that has a day to a page, or weekly pages you can tear off. That way you can start a fresh page after a short period of time. Staring at weeks and months worth of hectically scrawled notes can be overwhelming.

Refresh your work wardrobe - Even if you work from home it can be good to have a selection of staples on-hand to help get you into work mode each day. It also helps if these outfits make you feel pretty damn sassy. Think boyfriend blazers, statement blouses, cropped trousers/culottes. Zara have some lovely stuff in the sale and H&M always have stylish smart-casual clothing that's affordable.

Read a book - I know what you're thinking. Who really wants to read a book about work when you're feeling pretty 'meh' about it as it is? Hear me out guys. Lately there are some books around that could reawaken your drive to succeed and make you fall back in love with the daily grind. This post by the ladies at Career Girl Daily is a good place to start, and I would also recommend #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso for a motivational boost.

Be realistic - It can be easy to fall into a pattern of disappointment when it comes to your profession and career if you haven't been out in the working world that long. The internet is full of overnight success stories and can make getting to the top seem easy as pie, which often leaves me wondering why I haven't achieved global domination yet at the tender age of 23. What's the deal with that? Accept that it's going to take a good few years of hard work before you start seeing things like big promotions and pay rises. Knuckle down, stay passionate and eventually things will fall into place.

Remember the golden rule - Like many people I'm sure, I was very unhappy in my first job after uni. I took it because it was vaguely related to what I wanted to do but it just wasn't right for me. The pay was way below average for the job and level, the culture was non-existent and the environment offered no chance for development. It took me far too long to realise that ultimately you don't have to do something if it doesn't make you happy. Eventually I found another job that's much more 'me' and while it isn't always perfect, real-life work rarely is. You won't always find yourself dying to get to work in the morning and it won't always be easy, but you have a right to be in a job that you enjoy most days and that provides you with opportunities to grow and develop in your chosen direction.

What are your top tips for getting yourself out of a motivational funk?

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