Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My all time favourite films

I talk a lot on here about books, beauty bits and general life stuff, but I don't really talk about films, which is weird because I watch a lot of them. I love a good film almost as much as a good book, so I thought I'd share with you some of my absolute favourites. The definitive list is a very long one but these always stand out as movies I can watch again and again.

Donnie Darko - I remember not really getting the hype on this film when it first came out, I think I was kind of missing the point. After a few years I re-watched it, fell in love with Jake Gyllenhaal and with the weird and wonderful story and it's now a firm favourite. 

Jurassic Park - This and Jumanji were my absolute favourites growing up. I'd watch them over and over! It's still a great Sunday afternoon watch and the recently released Jurassic World was just brilliant. So many dinosaurs, so much fun.

Pulp Fiction - I probably watched this a little earlier in life than I really should have but Pulp Fiction is by far my favourite Tarantino film and is really up there in this selection. It's equal parts ridiculous, violent and stylish and Uma Thurman is fabulous.

Anchorman - I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy Anchorman. It's the ultimate feel-good comedy and Will Ferrell is among my favourite humans.The sequel was an interesting move and didn't hit the mark for me but this will always be a classic. Perfect for a duvet day.

Harry Potter - You know it was coming, didn't you? Good old Hazza P features on my 'most read books in the history of ever' list, and the films are equally as loved in my household. At uni when I was going through a bad time I just escaped to the wizarding world by having the DVDs on repeat for a week straight. 

What are your all-time favourite films?


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