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My favourite jewellery

I'm not the kind of person who owns boxes and boxes of jewellery and accessories, but there are a few statement pieces I unfailingly turn to just to add a little something extra to an outfit, whether for work or a social outing. I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you all.

Rings - Generally speaking I don't wear a lot of rings. I struggle to find anything that fits my fingers properly as they puff up and shrink down on what seems like an hourly basis! My wreath ring from Pandora however fits me perfectly and is something I wear nearly every day. I think Pandora are amazing for rings as there's such a big range and they're great quality.

Bracelets - I've calmed down on the bracelet front in the last few years. I used to wear stacks of them and it was probably a tad OTT. These days I favour something a bit more minimal. Primark have a fab range of bracelets for every day wear (the gold one pictured is from a multipack), and I also picked up a few hamsa bracelets for myself and friends in the souks in Marrakech. One of my more 'fancier' favourites is a Links of London heart bracelet which was a present from my parents for graduating, but that mainly comes out for special occasions.

Earrings - I have slightly stretched ears (no regrets though, before anyone says anything!) and two holes per ear above these, so I have to be creative if I want to dress them up. You can get some really lovely plugs over on Etsy that look just like earrings - perfect for weddings, work or if you just feel like wearing them. I also tend to wear hoops or drop earrings in the second hole as there are some from my pre-stretch days I just can't part with.

Watches - I was never a watch wearer until I started full-time work after uni. Then I realised it's so much easier than rifling around in your bag for your phone just to check the time on the way to a meeting. I absolutely love Olivia Burton watches - the designs are so delicate and timeless.

Necklaces - Probably the piece I always neglect! I have a few simple necklaces, but usually only add them if my outfit is looking pretty plain. I love the trend at the moment for big stone pendants though so will probably end up collecting a few. The one pictured was only £1.50 in the Topshop sale.

What are your go-to jewellery pieces?

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