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The British 10k - fundraising update!

You might remember this post from a few months ago where I talked about having signed up to run the British 10k to raise money for Alzheimer's Society. Well, that was six weeks ago now and I thought I'd give a little update for you all on how much you've helped me raise. The target I pledged to raise for the charity was £250, but I was so blown away by the response from friends and family - the final figure now that everything's in is just shy of £600! I couldn't be more grateful and am so chuffed that everyone dug so deep for such a personal and important cause.

The race itself went a lot, lot better than I expected. I struggled with cramps towards the end of my training but on the day the adrenaline seemed to keep this at bay. I was a whole 14 minutes faster than I was projecting my time to be too having never attempted a full 10k with no pit-stops before. I got into a weirdly superhuman state of mind and seemed to be going faster and faster every time I checked my tracking app. I swear the buzz really is addictive, even if you don't enjoy actual running that much!

It was also a huge boost to see the Alzheimer's Society cheer gang waiting at the top of a hill about two thirds of the way round. Thank you guys for coming out to support us! The route itself is just amazing, starting this year by Green Park and ending just around the corner from Big Ben. I kept getting distracted by all the iconic landmarks like the screens at Piccadilly Circus and St Paul's Cathedral. The weather spared us too and a welcome drizzle began just after I crossed the finish line.

If you've ever thought about getting involved in a sporting event for charity I would highly recommend it. Whether you go it alone or get yourself a team together it's such an exciting thing to get involved in - I got so caught up in the mentality of it all. What's more is that there are so many events like the British 10k that allow you to choose and take part for whatever charity you choose. I saw such an array of charity running shirts and it was definitely a 'faith in humanity restored' kind of day.

If you'd like to donate to Alzheimer's Society then my Just Giving page will be up-and-running for a another month or so. You can sign yourself up for the 2016 British 10k event here. Visit the Alzheimer's Society website to find out about all the brilliant work they do.

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