Wednesday, 23 September 2015

5 ways to handle rejection like a pro

Rejection happens in every corner of life. Fact. Whether you've been rejected for a promotion or a job you applied for, rejected by a university, a competition, a friend, a loved one, it's never easy. Also a fact. I've had my fair share of bad luck lately, and while I'm definitely not prepared to launch into any details (this would also be highly unprofessional of me) I have been forced to learn a thing or two about handling rejection.

1. Be graceful - When you get bad news or are are told something you were hopeful for is no longer happening, it can be tempting to fly of the handle and react badly. Remember, what ever the circumstances, this may be this person's last memory of you. Try to keep calm (easier said than done!), accept the situation as it is in that moment, and if you're being rejected in a professional capacity be sure to give thanks for the opportunity.

2. Ask for feedback - You have a right to know why this wasn't the right time for you, or why you weren't right for the job/person/project. Politely ask for feedback so that you can understand what the problem was.

3. Learn from the situation - While it can be easy to feel hard done by when you've been rejected, chances are there is something you can take from what's happened and learn from it, or develop a skill further. Perhaps you could have done more research, need to develop your presentation skills or need to be more tactful when answering difficult questions. Find something you need to work on and build your skillset every day going forward.

4. Think of the bigger picture - There will be other opportunities that are just as good if not better. You may have to go out and look for them and they may not come straight away but come they will. A minor setback is not ideal but it's important to focus on your goals and ambitions in the long term.

5. Remember, this does not define your worth - I found it hard to stop going over in my head what I may have done wrong, what I should have changed, and it made me feel terrible about myself. When you're rejected it can feel very personal, but the thing is, it rarely is. The moments that define us are not when we fail or are dealt a rough hand, but when we tackle these things head on and push to bounce back again. If you're finding it hard to get past what's happened, write a list of 5 positive things about yourself or that you've achieved every single morning for 1 week and then go back and read what you've said. You'll definitely surprise yourself!

What are your top tips for handling rejection?


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