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Everyday skin care for oily/blemish-prone skin

When I started blogging two years ago my skincare routine consisted of face wipes, harsh scrubs and a moisturiser that was less than suitable for my skin type. Fast forward to the present day and I've learned so much from all you beauty bloggers out there that I finally feel like I've cracked it. My current combination of products is NOT a miracle cure, there's just no such thing, but they do help keep things under control. It's no secret that I have incredibly oily skin and especially at this time of year I battle large, red spots that seem to hang around for weeks on end.

Micellar Water - I don't actually remember what I did before I found this stuff, other than rubbing at my eyelids with wipes until the skin was raw. There are plenty of more expensive brands of micellar water out there but the Garnier offering lasts months and really gets the job done. It's not at all greasy because it's basically science water (google how it works!), and also not in any way stripping. I find it gets even waterproof mascara off and lifts makeup and oil from the skin instantly. I don't use this as a one-step cleanser like some but rather use it to loosen up dirt and product.

A balancing gel or balm wash - I used to use really harsh facial scrubs and washes twice a day, then wondered why my skin was over-producing oil and basically crying at me. Harsh products even gave me dry patches despite my skin type! These days I usually prefer something gentler, like the Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth balm, or a tea tree wash.

A chemical exfoliant - These products used to terrify me, until I tried the astringent lotion from the La Roche Posay Effaclar range. It's kind enough on your skin to use daily, but can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. To combat this I use an SPF foundation and usually sweep the exfoliant over my face after cleansing at the end of the day so it can work on my skin at night. It's really reduced the dry patches I get on my temples, my pores don't look so logged and I swear my face has never felt softer.

A moisturising step - For oily-skinned girls a thick moisturiser is totally off the cards and will only clog your pores and leave things feeling greasy. Instead I've replaced my moisturising step in the morning with La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+, which helps fight blemishes and improve marks while adding a balancing touch of moisture to the skin. I have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount f time a spot hangs around on my face since I started using this and they are usually (time of the month permitting) a lot less angry these days. At night I just use a plain, light moisturiser - none of this night cream business!

An eye cream - While the rest of your face might be OK without too much moisturising, the skin around the eyes is a different story. I find if I wear a lot of makeup over the course of the week my eyelids and undereyes get dry and sore, so a vitamin E eye cream like the one I'm using at the moment from Boots works absolute wonders to combat this. This eye cream is my favourite so far and is helping to plump things up amidst the appearance of a few fine lines (boo hiss!). Annoyingly I can't find it online but it's in most stores!

A spot treatment - I used Panoxyl gel for years with no problems and it really did help control my spots, however a year or two ago I noticed it seemed to be giving me really bad dry patches and actually making scars darker! I think they may have changed the formulation. I had seen the Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Gel recommended by loads of beauty bloggers and while it's pricey I took the plunge. I don't use this constantly, just on bad breakouts. It makes a massive difference, even overnight, and reduces both size and redness without parching the skin. If you struggle with spots or even mild adult acne, give this a try.

A weekly mask - Something I've learned is a vital part of any skincare routine is using a weekly (or bi-weekly) mask treatment. One of my favourites is a green tea and mint number by Cattier, which s very calming and also helps control oil production.

What are your favourite everyday skincare products?


  1. This is a great list of products! I too have a VERY oily skin, and have tried some of the products you've listed - they're definitely really good! Can't imagine my life without the micellar water for sure! <3

    Kay <3

    1. Aaah the perils of oily skin! I always thought I would grow out of it but apparently not!

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