Monday, 9 November 2015

4 ways to make your blog look and feel more professional

Get a professionally designed template - When you're first starting out, paying for a professional blog design is probably not on the radar. As you become more established though it could be a worthwhile investment, especially if you're not in a position to design your own. A slick, user friendly blog will give the impression that you mean business, and make visiting your site a pleasant experience for readers. I recently installed a Blogger theme from Pipdig - it was really easy with no messing about with HTML needed. I was up and running within half an hour, it's very customisable and I'm already seeing positive results in the form of increased traffic and longer site visits. Go for something clean and organised so that people can easily navigate content.

Make sure your imagery is up-to-scratch - The biggest blogs out there usually boast some of the most beautifully composed photography on the web. If you want to really up the quality of your visual content then there are two options. One is to get to grips with a decent camera. This doesn't necessarily have to be an SLR, but choose something that allows for some kind of manual mode and has plenty of mega-pixels so you can get the crispest images. The second option is to look at using royalty-free stock images. There are lots of sites out there that offer images under what's known as a 'creative commons license' whereby you are free to download, edit and use the image for whatever purpose you want. My favourites for this are Pexels and Unsplash - no cheese here, just good, eye-catching photography.

Proofread eeeeeeverything - I mean everything. Headers, tags, captions, tweets, the lot. There is nothing worse than going onto a chic-looking blog only to find a spelling error in the first sentence you read. A well-written, perfectly proofed blog post just screams professional. That's not to say a few occasional errors won't slip through, but reading, re-reading and having someone else read your posts before putting them live could save you many a faux pas. I'm fairly hot on my spelling but just managed to find 3 typos in this post

Purchase a domain - This was something that I did fairly quickly as I noticed I always felt more drawn to and trusting of the blogs I read that had their own domains. Having '.blogspot' or '.wordpress' in your url suggests you may be a fairly new blog or not too well-established. You can actually buy domains really cheaply from places like GoDaddy and there are plenty of tutorials available to help you link the new url to your blog platform so you should be ready to go in no time.

Have you found anything else helpful in making your blog more professional? Share your tips in the comments below!


  1. Excellent tips here - I really need to update my layout! I work in digital marketing and I've found spelling errors can have cause some pretty big problems for your SEO so proof reading is so important! x

    Viva Epernay ❤

    1. Snap - I work in marketing too! Thanks for reading 😊 X

  2. Great tips - it's good to have a recommendation for a template!


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