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Why I'm addicted to Fallout 4

Usually I hate apology posts. You know the kind: "oh sorry I haven't been blogging I've just been super busy/mildly ill/lazy" (delete as appropriate). I don't feel like anyone should be such a slave to their blog and readers that they need to ask for forgiveness every time they opt to spend a week or so in the real world dealing with real issues. This is just a website guys.

This week however I do want to talk about the reason why I haven't posted anything for 5 days - I've gotten addicted to Fallout 4. Really badly. And I wasn't going to even acknowledge it but I know there's still a stigma around girls and gaming. This game really changes that. It's a game changer. Pun intended. I tried SO hard not to say that.

I've always played games of some description. From Gameboys (good old Mario Tennis) to PS1 to Sims and beyond. I wouldn't describe myself as a girl-gamer as such as I don't do it religiously, but I am definitely a girl who enjoys a game. In college I spent my evenings playing Call of Duty in the dark. 

Since uni though I've all but grown out of gaming. There's always dinner to be cooked, family to see, blog posts to be written, stuff to be tidied, gym classes to go to. I've also struggled to find a game that actually grabs my attention enough that I'll go back to it after all those real life adulty things get in the way. It's all war games and robots and macho-men - not that I turn my nose up at those things, but nothing felt like it was marketed towards me. 

I knew all about the previous Fallout games of course, having watched Mat play them through and having had a go myself. They always seemed interesting, and stylish. The latest installment breaks the mold and raises the bar set by other game franchises, because not only does it feature the option of playing as either a man or a woman, but the female character isn't a complete joke.

Yep, ya heard me. You control her looks and proportions, so there are no massive, sculpted butt cracks and boobs protruding into shot, and it's pretty clear from very early on that she's a strong, independent 200+ year old badass that don't need no man. Also both the man and woman wear identical tight blue suits (X-men styley) so there's nothing to complain about in terms of unfair representation in the fashion department.

Couple this with a really cool environment (set 200 years after a 1950s-retro-style America is devastated by nuclear war) and an awesome story development system that's just a little bit different to most open-world games, and I'm nothing short of hooked. It's beautiful and exciting and pretty addictive.

I know there are girls out there who might read this (most of my readers are ladies) and be baffled at the very idea of gaming. It's not everyone's cup of tea. That said I think more can still be done to make these big, blockbuster games more accessible to women. Too often we see them sexualised or presented as weak - Fallout 4 shows it doesn't have to be that way. 

So yeah, a game has totally taken over my life this week. Since Tuesday night I've literally just come through the door after work, fed myself as quickly as possible and then played until way past bedtime. The best thing? I don't regret it one bit. I'm sure normal service will resume as soon as I realise I haven't washed my hair for 5 days and should probably do something productive. 

Do any of you guys play games or are you put off by them?


  1. I have literally just finished Halo 5 today. I'm a self-confessed game lover!! My boyfriend and I try to find games which we can play together too. Currently we are playing Lego Jurassic World :P I've not tried Fallout but watched YouTubers play it and it does look good, kinda want to try Just Cause as well.

    Wendy Xx


    1. It's soooo good! Much more story based than a lot of games and the missions are so fun.

      Thanks for reading! xx