Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November Goals

So I made a last minute decision yesterday, and at the start of each month I'll be sharing a few goals for both my blog and life in general. Better late than never! Each post I'll also review last month's goals so that I can keep a record so-to-speak of my progress, and if I haven't hit a goal I can think about why. I have tried monthly roundups and other weekly/monthly post formats before and they aren't always easy to keep up - either I totally forget about them (oops) or I run out of things to say. That shouldn't be the case with goals as there will always be something to improve. A writer/blogger's work is never done!

The blog

  • Optimise my new layout - I got a fancypants new layout over the weekend and I'm in love with how much more professional it looks. There are various things I can play around with such as how things are positioned and how posts appear, so I'll be having a switch up to make sure it's super user-friendly.
  • Two Twitter chats per week - I find Twitter chats like #lbloggerschat really helpful for gaining insight, keeping in the loop and finding new blogs to read. I do sometimes miss them as most are in the evenings and much to my dismay I'm a busy bee at the moment. I've set reminders for them all in my phone so hopefully that will help me make time for them.
  • Interact with other bloggers in some form every day - I met up with some lovely bloggers from a Cambridge blogger Facebook/Twitter group last week and it was great to do a bit of networking. It can help you learn new things and grow your own readership. With this in mind I'm going to make a conscious effort to connect with other people's posts either through commenting or tweeting. I enjoy getting into conversation about things.
  • Declutter my belongings - We're moving in the second week of December and as we'll be temporarily living with Mat's parents for a few months I need to dramatically reduce the amount of crap we own. There are drawers of random junk we haven't touched for months so I'm sure there will be plenty to throw away, recycle or pass on to others.
  • Read one book a fortnight (and make sure I review it) - I go through fits and starts with my reading as I get busy and then don't feel motivated to pick a book back up again and finish it even if I ploughed through the first half. I used to read a lot more than I do currently and I really want to change my habits and fix that.
  • Finish season 1 of Fargo - This isn't reeeally a goal but since finishing Sons of Anarchy on Netflix we haven't found anything else as addictive and there's not much that's interesting us TV-wise at the moment. Last week however we started Fargo, mainly as we fancied a bit of Martin Freeman, and we're getting quite into it so watch this space.
Do you have any goals for this month? How will you go about achieving them?

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  1. I love these kinds of posts :) they make me motivated to assess my own goals and what I want to get out of the month. I definitely want to keep up my momentum with commenting on blogs and reading books and I'd really like to get into a new tv show as I haven't really been into any for a while. Thanks for inspiring me!

    Sarah | Sarah's Chapter


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