Monday, 21 December 2015

5 unexpected things that happened in 2015

They say that life is what happens when you're busy making plans. Or, someone said that. I'm just sure it wasn't John Lennon like everyone says it was so I'd hate to misquote him. For me 2015 has been that kind of year. You think things are trundling along nicely and bam - life throws you a little curveball.

Sometimes it throws you a slightly inconvenient but mostly manageable curveball. Other times you're gifted with a boulder-sized curveball. Sometimes life picks you up and throws you as well as the curveball. Then suddenly it's six months into the year you declared was going to be 'your year' and you realise your several paces (or maybe) miles away from where you wanted to be by that point.

But it's not all bad - plenty of things have happened to me this year that I hadn't really banked on, and many of these have turned out to be great changes that have made my life all the richer. I thought I'd have a little look back on the last 12 months, including everything from blog to real life and in between.

My blog has finally taken off - I should preface this by stating that this hasn't been down to luck. I've worked a lot harder on the quality of my content, bought a professional layout and an putting more time than ever after work into the blog. I was invited to events, got my first sponsored post, my pageviews have tripled in 12 months and I'm investing in a new camera after Christmas that will give me the clean and crisp images that my 7 year old bridge camera just can't. I'll be outlining my intentions for this blog in another post next week but watch this space because it's world domination is next!

I 110% leave 2015 as a Belieber - I'm actually not even sorry. Who would have thought that the annoying Canadian kid everyone loved to hate would have won us all over with a seemingly reformed maturity and a serious banger of an album. I can now regularly be found singing along in the car and it's not that much of a guilty pleasure. Love you, Beibs.

I left the job I thought was the one for me - If you'd told me I'd be in a different (read: better in every way) job by now this time last year I'd have laughed in your face. But somewhere along the line everything went sour, the working environment became unbearable and that was the tipping point. It was a stressful and difficult time but ultimately I've come out empowered and on top and I couldn't be happier where I am at the moment.

I've grown some strong friendships - I've never been the type to have tonnes of friends, just a circle of very select humans with whom I might be social with from time to time and even cry on occasionally. Through university I grew apart from some of those friends but this year I've made a concious effort to keep in touch, set aside time to spend with people and to remember I'm not the centre of the universe. The result has been much closer bonds and many a good night out. Go sisterhood.

I've grown in confidence - I've made more of an effort to embrace the crap that life throws at me. To be a bit more headstrong in the face of bullshit. I think I'm all the better for it and it's made me want to speak up for myself more and have a bit of self belief. I'm more tactful in social situations and not so afraid of asking for what I want in a professional capacity either. I'll always question myself in some way or another - it's just how I am - but I'm learning that most of the time doing this will only hold me back.

Here's to silver linings and more unexpected events in 2016!!



  1. It sounds like 2015 was a great year for you and it's good to hear you're doing so well with the blog! Good luck in 2016 :)

    Corinne x

  2. Sounds like 2015 was good for you. I'm sure this new year will be egen better!




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