Saturday, 31 December 2016

My 2017 goals (because resolutions suck)

New Year's resolutions suck. 9 times out of 10 they involve saying what we won't do, rather than what we will do. Resolutions also tend to be huge, far-stretching targets like stopping smoking, loosing X stone, buying a new car etc. They don't take into account the journey to achieving those aims, or the incremental steps to success along the way that should be celebrated, and that sets us up to fail. That's why this year I've set myself a series of smaller, more achievable goals that when put into action should yield better results.

The Blog

  • I'm going to be making sure to schedule my posts and tweets - I get busy at times and actually forget to promote my posts to my followers which isn't doing the work I put into the actual post justice!
  • I'll be making a conscious effort to create more chatty, opinionated content. In the past I've been afraid of putting too much of my personality out there so it'll feel weird, but I feel more confident about doing it now.
  • I've kind of cheated on this one since I ended up doing it yesterday!! I've now created a media kit for my blog, and will be keeping it up to date.


  • I'm making an effort to call and text my friends and family more often. I'm terrible at this, especially during the week when I get home from my long commute (a 104 mile round trip) and just flake out on the sofa. 
  • I fell off the reading wagon hard when I finished university and although I do still read, I don't make much effort to set time aside for it. Instead I end up scrolling Twitter and Instagram. In 2017 I'm going to read a book a month (something I know I can achieve if I put my phone down for a couple of evenings a week). I'll also review them for you on here.
  • I've tried hard over the last year to drink more water, but lately laziness has gotten the better of me. Not this time! 2-3 litres a day, every damn day.
  • I've already mentioned my long commute into work, and getting up so early has really taken its toll in the winter months. Getting up 15 minutes early will be painful at first, but hopefully it will stop me from rushing around, allow me to eat breakfast (I never used to skip it!) and I'll actually look put together when I leave the house!
These are modest goals and I have the best intentions, but I'll be sure to post an update in a couple of months to keep myself in check!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What 2016 has taught me

Now that Christmas has just about been and gone (I'll be sad when the Heroes and Celebrations finally run out!) I feel like this is as good a time as any to reflect on the past 362-ish days. Brexit and Trump aside, for me personally this year as been the hardest yet. From a difficult living situation to being diagnosed with painful dry eye syndrome, to my work relocating and struggling with my mental health, I won't be sad to see the back of 2016.

BUT, in the business of trying to be balanced, there have been a lot of highlights. Three amazing getaways to the Isle of Wight, Amsterdam and Turkey really helped me learn to relax a bit, countless shenanigans with friends have reminded me of what's actually important, and I've somehow despite all the stress going on managed to build my self confidence up quite a bit!

Here's what I've learned:

Looking after yourself is important

Being in pain 90% of the time changes you. I have a new found respect for people that live with far more serious health conditions and disabilities and still manage to absolutely smash life. Since being diagnosed with a chronic condition I really have to take care of my eyes and body. There are days when my eyes burn so much I hate to even open them, when I want to cry but when I do it stings like acid. I'm still working on it but getting enough rest, the right diet, fresh air and keeping my stress down are all very important in managing flare-ups. It's time consuming, but it's also helped my mental state to no end to just shut off for a day every now and again to look after number one and chill.

Hobbies should be fun

That probably shouldn't be much of a revelation to most, but mid-way through the year keeping up this blog began to feel like a chore and an obligation - it just wasn't enjoyable anymore. I realised though that not being so hard on myself for not posting to a strict schedule and taking the odd week off actually left my mind free to dream up more creative post ideas, and posting slightly less often means the content is better quality. It's fun again, and more of you are reading my posts. It's a win-win!

Sometimes you just need to sling it in the 'Fuck It' bucket

This year I realised that the little niggling voice in my head holds me back sometimes. Whether that's through lack of confidence, fear of being judged, of upsetting someone or getting hate, I was keeping my own valid opinions bottled up inside. And that's not just in a personal respect, but a professional one too. I've learned to say 'Oh, fuck it' more often and just say what I'm thinking. As a result I think I'm more self-assured, people actually respect me more and others have a better idea of who I am.

I don't need the latest blogger 'must haves' to be happy

Last year I spent way too much money on fad products and trend-led fashion pieces. The thing is I was never satisfied with my purchases, because they were right for someone else but not for me. This year I spent more time researching my purchases first and only investing where I actually wanted to. That also involved choosing more classic makeup and clothing so that the stuff I spend my hard-earned cash on will stand the test of time.

I am actually capable of talking to strangers

I've been to quite a few blogging/PR events and meetups this year and I can safely say it's helped me massively with my fear of talking to people I don't know in a social setting. In pushing myself to talk to people outside of my usual bubble I've made some lovely new friends and become genuinely excited to chat with new faces at these things. Who would've thought?

Comparing yourself to others is a complete waste of time

The moment I realised I'll never be able to wear eye makeup again hit me quite hard. I've always been very into eyeliner and eyeshadow and I felt like overnight a piece of my identity had been stolen from me. I would break down if I stumbled upon makeup tutorials, hoard mascara 'just in case' things got better, stare intently at other people's eyeliner out of jealousy. But then I realised that this is just something I have to work with. You have your cat flicks, I have my lipstick instead. That doesn't mean I can't own it just as much. Now I finally feel at home in my own skin. You can apply this to literally any aspect of your life. Everyone is different, and comparison is the thief of joy - don't let it steal your happiness or self confidence.

I feel like I've learned more in the last year than in the 23 that came before it, and I've come out slightly battered and bruised but all the more stronger for it. Here's to looking after number one and owning the things that make me different in 2017!

What did 2016 teach you?


Sunday, 18 December 2016

The best (and worst) things about Christmas

Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year, but it can also be stressful. If you don't really dig the festive season and you're surrounded by people in Santa hats branding you a Scrooge, then the pressure to enjoy yourself can actually be even more of a downer. I love Christmas, I really do, but I thought I'd bring a balanced argument to the table of why sometimes, I just can't be bothered to "ho ho ho" my way through it.

The worst things about Christmas

I'm not 18 anymore, and neither is my liver. I don't really enjoy getting absolutely steaming but Christmas Eve and New Years Eve always feel like day-long drink-athons. I enjoy a trip to the pub like anyone else but wow do us Brits go hard. There's nothing like trying to choke down your Christmas morning Bucks Fizz with a gurgling tummy and stinking headache.

My bank balance
I'm about as good with my money as Augustus Gloop was at staying away from that chocolate fountain, so I always end up dipping into our house savings at this time of year. I really don't begrudge spending money on a good time, but like many of you, I literally never learn. After living off of Quality Street and leftover wine for a week that late December pay day is a lifesaver.

The shortest day
Back when I was an antisocial student the dark nights were a perfect excuse to stay in and watch One Tree Hill re-runs with my housemates, but now I find it totally depressing. There is no amount of hygge snug-ness that could persuade me that the sun going down at 4pm is a good thing. I miss summer evenings sat outside with a cold drink, and Christmas week is also the darkest.

Christmas cards
Don't get me wrong, I like to receive the odd Christmas card and I'm grateful to be thought of, but I just cannot get my act together on this one. I always do them at the last minute so have to hand deliver them anyway, or I'll somehow manage to forget someone and probably offend them. A couple of years running I bought lovely Paperchase ones and forgot to do them at all! It must be even worse if you're a parent - 30 of the bloody things? No thank you.

The January blues
This one I'm sure most of you can relate to. I don't get Christmas week off work but things are definitely a lot more relaxed over the period (and there are often mince pies and sweets scattered about the office). Stripping all the decorations down in January and putting the early alarms back on makes everything feel so bare and deflated that I always feel a bit down in the dumps. The struggle is real, people.

And the best things about Christmas

These lists are in no particular order but man is this top of the list. I'm a foodie through and through and if there's one thing I love its a proper Christmas dinner. Shoutout to my mum who's got this thing down this year! Pigs in blankets are God's greatest gift to the world.

Friends and family
Some people find the social occasions that revolve around Christmas a nightmare but I quite enjoy them. Maybe I've gotten a bit soft in my old age but I like surrounding myself with my favourite humans. And yes, you're kind of forced to get together with relatives you've not seen all year and mates you might not have spoken to in a while, but there's something wholesome about making the effort to do it at Christmas time. 

The pretty decorations
I was definitely a magpie in a former life. There's nothing that says Christmas more than a set of twinkling lights and reams of garishly coloured tinsel. The cheesier the better. And High Street Christmas lights also have this way of making me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside and like I might be in the cast of Love Actually or something.

Christmas films
I would watch them all year if I could. Elf, Muppets Christmas Carol, National Lampoons and Krampus to name but a few. I even noticed there are TV channels dedicated to them all December. They're the one thing that helps me get into the Christmas spirit no matter how grumpy I feel.

All the consumerism that surrounds Christmas gets a bad wrap (geddit?) and I don't believe in spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on people just because it might have been Jesus's birthday one time, BUT I really like the giving part of Christmas. I like how even the smallest of presents can light up someone's face, I like that it's the time of year when people do more to give to charity and help those less fortunate, I like that people try really hard to find the perfect gift for someone they care about. It's just so damn nice to give things to people. If only we were as selfless all year round!

What do you love (or hate!) about Christmas?

Sunday, 11 December 2016

A chilled out Sunday, my new favourite coat and life lately

Recently life's gotten a bit.... well, weird. Back in August my work relocated so I've been doing a 100 mile round trip each day, and the dark nights and long drives are playing havoc with my energy levels and leaving me feeling run down despite the fact that I really enjoy what I do. I'm on my second cold of the season now and that's quite unusual for me. Here's hoping it's the last for this year!

I also had a bit of a health scare, which wasn't much fun. I'm still being monitored but it looks like things are actually fine, so that's good! The waiting for tests and unpleasant doctors appointments while life went on wasn't easy. I'm paranoid about my health at the best of times (do not, ever, google things). I wanted support from the people around me during a worrying time but it's just not the sort of thing you talk about. While I was waiting to find out what was or wasn't up with me the only people I really told were Mat and my Mum, and even though they've both been amazing I did feel quite alone at times. Now that I know what was actually wrong I feel like I've relaxed so much and a weight has been lifted. Maybe I'll address that on the blog at some point. We should talk more, right?

So with all that going on I've been on high alert for the last month or so, struggling to stay awake and concentrate during the day and lying awake scared to death at night. It's not exactly a recipe for joy! And that's why I've been taking things a hell of a lot slower both in real life and on the blog. I've only been making time for the things that make me genuinely happy.

These days we all really struggle to actually look after ourselves. I know that this big movement towards self care and Hygge and 'taking time for you' probably seems like a load of old crap to some, but is vital for others. Like many women my age if you live a busy life, struggle with your mental (or physical) health, have to check your bank balance before treating yourself to lunch from the M&S sandwich van (which is babin' by the way) or feel like the internet is closing in around you, then slowing down and taking stock is a very important thing. It's totally ok to not be totally bossing it every minute of the day when you're going through a rough time.

So after a boozey, stereotypically mahem-filled but really rather fun company Christmas party on Friday I took the rest of the weekend to mostly do nothing. On Saturday I lay upon my gloriously hungover deathbed force-feeding myself Pringles and brownie bites with my gorgeous new Etta French candle* burning in the background and Netflix keeping me conscious.

Then today we took a mooch around the streets of Cambridge for some hot chocolate at the Hotel Chocolat cafe, picked up the last few bits of Christmas shopping and stopped for a flippin' delicious lunch at Pho - which I won in the raffle at the CambMeetUp Christmas event last week! I even managed to convince Mat to take a few outfit photos for me as I'm loving my new New Look camel coat. With some guidance they haven't come out half bad!

Coat: New Look | Bag: H&M (from last season but this one is near identical)| Top: H&M 

*This post may contain PR samples.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Festive beauty favourites

December is a time for dressing up - a time for parties, family gatherings and numerous pub trips. Christmas and New Year blur into one long special occasion, and if you want to look your very best then choosing some killer beauty products is key.

I can't really tolerate eye makeup anymore (long story!) so I rely on power brows, a slick contour and bold lips to actually look in any way dressed up. No glitter eye shadow here. Sadface. Here are a few of my faves that'll definitely be helping me out this year.


Christmas is a time when I always try to look my best - you never know who'll be round the corner with a camera! That means amping up the highlight and contour a little. I love my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette for this as the colours are strong and long lasting but they still look natural when blended correctly (more in-depth review here). The Seventeen Skin Wow primer also makes for a great highlighter on the cheekbones with its subtle shimmer.


December always feels like the perfect time of year for a red lip! I love the classic Mac Viva Glam 1 lipstick as the shade is so deep, but Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Sangre is a beautifully bright and ridiculously long-lasting formula if you need something with more endurance. It's probably the best lipstick I've ever owned.

If nudes are more your thing or you're after something more wearable for a daytime shindig, then the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Marvellous Mauve is where it's at. So pigmented, so long lasting and such a gorgeous colour - if you can get your hands on it then it's well worth purchasing! Although not quite as long lasting, I also love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. My favourite is Abu Dhabi, a peachy brown.


Glitter is key here for extra festiveness. I love Rimmel's Glitter Bomb range as they tend to tie in really well on top of their other shades. and ORLY have some great ones too. Yes, they are a pain to remove (involuntary nail exfoliation anyone?), but they add an extra bit of sparkle to any outfit.


If I'm not attempting my bi-annual application of sensitive mascara, I pay extra attention to my brows. I'm a bit protective of them so I just pluck them myself at home rather than visiting a brow bar, and I'll always fill them in with pencil, but where they really come into their own is with the help of a good brow gel. I tend to switch between the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara just to keep longer hairs in check, and the Model Co More Brows Thickening Fibre Gel for a more dramatic look.

I'm on the hunt for more beauty bits to help me feel my best this festive season. Can you recommend any?


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Surviving winter colds 101

It's that time of year again. Cold and flu bugs are spreading around your family, friends and colleagues like wildfire, and it's only a matter of time before your number is up! If you're lucky, it'll just be a sniffle, but some strains can totally knock you for six. I'm currently battling a real corker and I'm less than impressed that it's arrived at the weekend. BUT there are plenty of ways you can turn a cold into the perfect opportunity to reach peak snug, get tonnes of rest and kick it to the curb a little faster.

1. Get comfy

So, you've got yourself a stinking cold. Blanket forts and hot water bottles are a must, and now's no time to skimp on the heating. Keeping warm helps your immune system work properly and boot the germs out of your body, plus you'll be super cosy. I like to drag my duvet over to the sofa and properly slob out, but I won't lay down in bed as that means your nose runs down your throat and could make you cough. If you're well enough to be in work but still feeling under the weather, dress as comfortably and warmly as you can.

2. Medicate

Don't be a hero! Some people like to stick things out in a weird display of toughness, but if hitting up the decongestants and throat sprays makes you feel better then do it. If you really don't like to load up on blackcurrant Lemsip then more natural remedies like herbal teas and eucalyptus oil are a good shout. And don't forget your new best friend, vitamin C.

3. Keep entertained

If you're lucky enough to be at home instead of at work while poorly (I often end up just sticking it out myself) and can see far enough through the mountain of tissues at your feet, find something to distract yourself with. Whether you fancy a Harry Potter marathon or picking up a book, relaxing with some light entertainment is going to be better than sleeping the entire day or trying to power through and do your housework.

4. Treat yoself

I know you should probably eat healthily if you're not feeling great, but I find a little junk food goes a long way when I'm feeling rough. Supplement your chicken soup and orange juice with the biscuit tin, and make sure the hot, sugary drinks are flowing! Spicy food could also help clear your sinuses a bit, so don't feel bad about ordering yourself an Indian on Just Eat!

Do you have any other secrets to getting rid of a cold? Let me know in the comments because in my current state, I'll try anything!


Monday, 21 November 2016

We went to Birmingham Christmas market!

At the weekend my best mate Sophie and I headed up to Birmingham to scope out the legendary Christmas market, start our Christmas gift shopping and consume literally all of the food and drink we could get our hands on. Here's where we stayed and what we got up to.

It's a couple of hours drive out of Hertfordshire, but having gone to university in the Midlands I'm pretty used to the journey time. We stayed two nights in the Jury's Inn on Broad Street, which while very 'Birmingham' looking on the outside with its concrete exterior was chic and modern within and the location is pretty central. I'd definitely recommend a stay.

The market itself was quiet in the morning but became unbelievably busy during the day. I would definitely advise going at the beginning or end of the day to enjoy the experience without having to queue or search for a table to perch your mulled wine or beer tankard on. 

There's everything you'd expect from a typical German market, from a festive tipple or two to craft and gift stalls, steak, bratwurst and all kinds of sweet treats. As someone who's a bit mad for Christmas the sights, smells and sounds were just perfect. After a long and stressful two weeks it was the mood booster I needed!

As the market got busier we headed towards the Bullring shopping centre for some retail therapy. Birmingham's a great location for shopping - it's got a branch of every store you can imagine and it's all situated alongside an array of modern bars and restaurants. Obviously our first stop was Lush, but what did you expect?

Since our trip coincided with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them we of course took a trip to the cinema. The film is just incredible and as a huge Harry Potter fan I was so impressed and also plain grateful to have J.K. Rowling's magical creations back in my life again!

If you fancy a Christmassy day out at the market in Brum, it runs until 29th December this year.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tried and tested: 5 products for dry winter skin

I've always had oily skin, with moisture rarely a problem, except when it comes to winter. When I was a teenager dry skin was never an issue, but over the last couple of years I've noticed some dry patches and soreness during the colder months. It's not something I'm really used to dealing with, but I seem to have uncovered a few skincare gems on my quest to calm my skin down.

During the winter your skin is really up against it - wind, central heating, cold, lots of festive makeup, naughty food and drink and more. That's why it's really important to take good care of it. After all, it's the largest organ in your body! And that means moisture, moisture moisture.

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser 

I used to use this when I was younger but at the time it was a bit heavy on my skin. Fast forward to my mid-twenties and it gives me the perfect level of hydration. I find it leaves me skin feeling super soft but not suffocated, and it makes a great base under makeup. It's also super affordable!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Tinted Moisturiser

If I'm going for a light makeup look then this stuff is the bomb. It's like a light coverage, extra moisturising foundation. It's non-greasy and has a beautiful scent. I just add a touch of concealer to cover any spots and scarring (thanks adult acne, you gem) and I'm good to go. Being a French pharmacy brand, I found this stuff was about £8 cheaper if you are able to pick it up in France itself, but if not it's available online in the UK.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

There's a reason that Aveeno products are sometimes prescribed by dermatologists - they're just that good. This stuff nourishes my skin like nothing else and works wonders on dry knees and elbows. It forms a moisture barrier around the skin to the point that when I wash my hands or have a shower it doesn't just wash away and leave my skin parched. 

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm*

This stuff is a god send for cracked skin and also great for a pamper. A staple product in the Neal's Yard range, this beauty balm can be used not only to moisturise and massage dry, angry skin but also as a mask, lip balm or even as a cleanser with the help of a muslin cloth. I love to use it on my hands for a winter manicure, letting the essential oils soak into my skin while I paint my nails.

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

Now this is a winter skin miracle worker. I purchased my first pot last winter when I developed patches of itchy, flaky skin on my face and neck and within a few days they had virtually disappeared! Manuka Honey is known for its healing properties and along with some intense moisture this cream really does help repair the skin. 

Have you tried any of my winter skincare favourites? Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

*Products marked with an asterisk were provided to me as PR samples, but all opinions are very much my own!


Sunday, 6 November 2016

5 bloggers you NEED to follow on Instagram

There's nothing I like more than a good old scroll through Instagram with a cup of tea in hand. It's probably my favourite social app if I'm honest, even over Twitter - I love that everyone's grid is a uniquely crafted collage of their life, blog, style or whatever they choose to share. It's also pretty creative, especially among the blogging community. I thought I'd share some of my favourite blogger Instagram accounts, so that you can enjoy them too.

Zoe London (@zoelondondj)

I love Zoe's quirky, alternative take on fashion - her hair makes every post a colourful one, and she's a girl with seriously good taste.

Hannah Gale (@hannahfgale)

I've read Hannah's blog ever since a friend shared a link to one of her hilarious viral list posts a couple of years ago. This girl is one of the most relateable on the web. I follow here not only for sassy style posts and cute cat photos but for some seriously hilarious captions.

Sophie Kate (@sophiekateblogs)

I know Sophie as a local lifestyle blogger, but she's really gaining momentum on YouTube now too. Her gorgeous Instagram has been the perfect autumnal collage lately of food, style and everyday coziness. I can tell she puts a lot of thought into her grid!

Rhianna (@robowecop)

Rhianna's blog is one that I've followed closely for ages now, but her Instagram is where it's at! From colourful flatlays to pretty style shots, she's definitely one to watch.

Victoria (@inthefrow)

If I could only follow one Instagram account it would be this one. Victoria's Instagram is just ultimate blogger goals. If you follow her on YouTube or read her website regularly then she's one to follow. There's jet-setting a-plenty and her style posts are to die for.

Are you on Instragram? Give me a follow @kellyannerist - I'd love to find some more bloggers to follow! 

Who are your faves? Share in the comments below!


Friday, 28 October 2016

How to have a chilled night in this Halloween

Halloween is awesome, but not everyone enjoys dressing up in layers of face-paint and heading out on the town. I know I'd rather be snuggled up with something mildly spooky than have to totter home in the cold and remove all my zombie makeup before bed. If you'd prefer a chilled one too then this post is for you! I've put together a few recommendations:

Get cosy

If you're staying in for the night then it makes sense to comfy, so get under your favourite blanket and light some candles.Take it to the next level and get your hygge on if you fancy - check out this post for advice. Plus, the added benefit of candlelight is that you won't have so many kids coming to the door!

Grab some sweet treats

Which brings me to my next point. Is it even Halloween without a little candy? I prefer a big bar of chocolate to Haribo spiders but hey, whatever floats your boat - treat yoself!

Paint some witchy nails

This time of year is the perfect excuse to go a little more gothic on the nail polish. Whether you go all-out with black or stick with a classic vampy red like Essie Bordeaux, a little pamper goes a long way.

Put on some themed entertainment

Confession time: I don't like 'proper' horror films! I love Halloween, I love gothic stuff, and I love films with a bit of darkness and mystery, but the thought of a Saw or Paranormal Activity marathon scares the crap out of me. For lighter viewing material I love a good Tim Burton movie, or even something spoofy like the Addams Family (Wednesday 4eva) or Sean of the Dead.

There are also plenty of creepy books you could read if you fancy a nightmare or too, and there's bound to be reruns of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror specials on somewhere!

Are you spending Halloween at home? Or maybe you're not that into it? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, 24 October 2016

The autumn/winter style wishlist - Jumpers and jackets

One of the best things about the autumn/winter season is definitely the fashion! Comfy knits, boots, scarves, warmth and dark colours - perfect. I've been searching for a few extra pieces this year that are a little more timeless than some of last year's trend-led choices, so I thought I'd round up a few of the best jackets and jumpers I found along the way. The best bit? Everything's under £60 so pretty darn affordable!

1. Leopard Print Coat, £49.99 from New Look
2. Embroidered Sweater, £24.99 from New Look
3. Chunky Knit Turtleneck Jumper, £14.99 from H&M
4. Longline Knitted Cardigan, £29.99 from H&M
5. Black and Nude Cropped Jumper, £30.00 from River Island
6. Dark Red/Berry Faux Leather Biker Jacket, £55.00 from River Island
7. Crushed Velvet Bomber, £18.00 from Boohoo
8. Oversize Parka, £60.00 from Boohoo

So, what takes your fancy?

Saturday, 22 October 2016

What does Hygge even mean, and is it worth the hype?

If you've been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, you'll no doubt have noticed that things have been getting just a little Scandinavian. From minimalist fashion to clean, chic but homely interiors, everyone's infatuated. As the obsession continues, a strange word, 'hygge', has begun appearing alongside these trends. So what exactly does it mean, and is it just another fad wellness movement?

The big idea

It turns out that the concept of hygge at least (which by the way is pronounced 'hoogah' for anyone desperately trying to say it!) is something I can totally get on bored with. In English it's a bit like what we would call feeling cosy. But it's also more than that - hygge is about feeling safe, warm and peaceful, whether in the comfort of your home or out at a bar, restaurant or even in the great outdoors around a camp fire, surrounded by friends and family or even in total solitude.

Since I was more than a little curious about how I could get me a slice of this goodness, I decided to purchase Meik Wiking's The Little Book of Hygge, and find out for myself just why the world is paying so much attention to the Danes.

As CEO of Copenhagen's Happiness Research Institute, Meik is the perfect person to advise on how to get your hygge on. Denmark consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world, and while you might argue that this is because they're also among the best paid and least overworked too, they also have to contend with dark winters and days and days of rain.

It makes sense then that in a country like Denmark you'd put as much effort as possible into creating a happy, warm environment that even horrible weather and insanely short days can't put a dampner on. So how can you bring a little bit of hygge into your own home?

Getting your hygge on

As Meik observes in his book. for most Danes hygge starts with cosy lighting and homely settings. Aside from residing in some of the best decorated homes in the world, they're among the most prolific candle burners in the world, with a huge 28% of the population lighting them every day without fail. It's the perfect way to make a room feel warmer and create a real atmosphere. So light your favourites, grab a book and snuggle up under a blanket for the ultimate hygge feeling.

Food and drink also play a big part in hygge. Hearty, rustic dishes, alongside treats like cake, pastries and coffee are popular staples. There's a reason that the Danish consume so much bacon, and so many sweets! It's all about giving yourself that feel-good comfort factor.

How you spend your hygge time is also important. Denmark is a country that likes to spend its time socialising - playing games, listing to music and enjoying food together. With the colder months now arriving and Christmas just around the corner it seems the most appropriate time to be giving hygge a go!

Is hygge worth the hype?

While the ideas that surround the concept of hygge are nothing new, especially to the Danish, there's a lot we can gain from striving for more of it.

These days everyone is obsessed with wellness (myself included) and it suggests that perhaps something is missing. We don't feel right - we're all too busy, too tired, too lonely. We don't do enough to make ourselves happy. Somehow I think this latest trend has taken off for a reason.

In a world where we're surgically attached to our phones and glued to Netflix half the night, taking time to carve out a calmer and slower way of life is bound to do us some good.

Have you read Meik's book? Do you make an effort to get more 'hygge' time these days? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you're in the market for some gorgeous smelling new candles, check out the ones in my previous post!


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Review: Lush 'Don't Look at Me' Mask

Since I'm currently having a break from topical antibiotics to control my adult acne (which is no fun by the way), I've been on the hunt for some products to help me keep excess oil and spots at bay. I'd seen a lot of praise for the Lush 'Don't Look at Me' mask, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The first thing that stuck out to me was that it's bright bloody blue! Like, full on alien blue. It also has a strong citrus scent but that part I quite like as it's just so fresh.

Among other natural ingredients, mask contains moisturising murumuru butter, lemon juice and neroli to brighten and ground rice to exfoliate. 

Since I've really struggled with adult acne the last couple of years I'm so grateful to have found this product - the brightening, toning and exfoliating properties mean that it's had a noticeable impact on my scarring and redness after only 4 or 5 uses. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh, and neither dry nor greasy. I can see why this is a popular choice among oily, spot-prone ladies! And despite the ingredients it's actually quite gentle on the skin.

Have you tried this mask yet? Do you have any other favourites from the Lush range? Let me know in the comments below.


Saturday, 15 October 2016

The autumn/winter candle collection that's so affordable you probably won't believe me!

I love the fragrances that come with the changing seasons. Mulled wine, cinnamon spice, firewood - there's nothing like cosying up with a book and a warm scent filling the air. I recently stumbled upon a collection of just these scents in none other than Home Bargains! It's a place I love to hunt for homeware steals and these are no exception.

The candle range is made by Wickford & Co, and each of these small-medium sized ones costs just 69p each. Yep... told you you wouldn't believe me! They're strongly scented without being sickly, and considering how blimmin' cheap they are they also burn pretty evenly and last a long time!

There are larger candles in the range too for a few pounds more, but as a candle obsessive I like to change scents pretty often so I find smaller ones less wasteful. Along with Mulled Wine, Warm Apple & Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Iced Vanilla Bean I also bought a Halloween scent which smells just like old fashioned sweets.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hygge on and grab yourself a few of these super affordable candles. Not only did I find them in Home Bargains but I've also seen them available at B&M bargains too, so there's bound to be one near you.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

We were zookeepers for a day!

This week I spent a day out of the office doing something completely out of my comfort zone - my sister took me along on her Shadow A Zookeeper experience day! She received the experience as a 21st birthday present back in April, so I was all too happy to join in. We got up to some amazing stuff so I thought I'd share it with you all!

These guys claimed not to know King Julian...
We booked the day at Paradise Wildlife Park, which is just over half an hour away for us. On arrival we had a quick cuppa, signed some health and safety bits and got straight into it. The schedule for the day was a jam-packed 9-5 one, and we spent time with a different keeper at each exhibit. The only thing that was really off limits were the big cats, but I can't say I would've enjoyed being thrown into a cage with a tiger and we did watch them getting fed at the end of our day!

These guys were best buds
Our activities throughout the day ranged from feeding some of the animals (from otters to coatis, lemurs to red pandas), mucking out enclosures (not actually that gross since the alpacas seemed pretty house-proud), some bloody FALCONRY with a beautiful owl, and generally just having lots of cuddles with animals like ferrets and baby tapirs. If you love animals, this is totally for you! The keepers were also all too happy to take pictures for us so that we didn't have to worry about fiddling with cameras while enjoying the experience.

Weirdly cuddly
Not pictured: the severed mouse tail in my hand that got her to stay put!
As I mentioned, we moved throughout the park over the course of the day meeting different keeper at each area. That meant we got to learn so much about the animals, their diet, habits, training and care. I couldn't believe how much goes into running a zoo/wildlife park, and with many of the staff there on internships to support their training, it was clear how passionate they were! We also heard a lot about endangered species - shout out to Steve and the amazing talk he gave us on the gibbons (who were also hilarious!).

If you fancy a day away from the ordinary, are a budding zookeeper or just love fuzzy creatures, then an experience like this would make an amazing present! You can book yours here for anyone who's interested in giving this as a gift, or doing it yourself for that matter, and I think the day is also available at a discount from some experience day sellers like Virgin or Buy a Gift!

Bear? Fox? Panda? Angel? I don't know, but it's cute!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette Review

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you might have noticed that Kat Von D Beauty has finally launched here in the UK at Debenhams! You may have seen back in May that I was somewhat enamored with her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, thanks to my Mum and Dad picking them up for me on their travels, but now a much wider range is available right here on British soil.

As my dry eyes are still preventing me from tolerating any kind of eye makeup and my lipstick collection couldn't get much bigger if it tried, I decided to treat myself to a face product instead. I wasn't sure I'd get the match right for the Lock It foundation if I ordered over the web, so instead I treated myself to the Shade and Light Contour Palette while lounging on a sunbed in Turkey. At £36.99 it's probably the most money I've ever spend on something like this, but I've been using it every day so I think that's worth it.

It arrived the day after we got home and it's safe to say this is a game changer. There are six powder shades in total, three to highlight and three to bronze and contour. While you could of course just stick to the highlight and contour that best suit your skintone, I found I'm able to switch between shades depending on how strong I want my contour to look or how bronzed I'd like to be. There's a good mix of cool and warm tones here.

If you've never really used a sculpting palette before (even I'm a bit of a noob at it), then don't be put off - there's a handy diagram to help you apply the powders if you have no idea what to do! As someone with oily skin I was worried that the powder might disintegrate and slight off as so many often to for me as the day wears on, but I'm pleased to say that this stuff not only blends like a dream but stays on really well.

All in all I'm chuffed with this purchase and it's been a great investment into my daily routine, as well as allowing me to create some stronger looks for nights out etc.

Have you tried any of the Kat Von D products yet? What did you think?


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Keeping your home bright during the autumn, PLUS a huge discount and GIVEAWAY!

Every year as October creeps up on us and the days start getting shorter, I always feel like my flat is so much darker. Granted we have a lot of trees obscuring the sun at the best of times, but through autumn and winter it's even worse. It makes me feel sleepy at best, and cold and miserable at worst!

But there are plenty of ways you could brighten up the inside of your home over the cooler months. Candles and warm-toned cushions and throws are a must for creating the perfect cosy living room, but do you (like me!) forget about flowers once the summer is over?

During warmer months I always have some fresh blooms on show, but as we head into autumn and winter I all but forget about them which is a huge shame! Luckily, the guys at Blossoming Gifts were on hand to inject a burst of colour into my flat just when I needed it.

The team were kind enough to gift me this gorgeous (and frankly gigantic!) hand-tied bunch of seasonal goodness. The Autumnal Glee bouquet features red grand prix roses, beautifully fragrant lilies, blue agapanthus and deep burgundy hypericum berries - the perfect colour combination for this time of year!

Blossoming Gifts wants everyone to enjoy a little floral colour and warmth this autumn thanks to their seasonal range, so have supplied me not only with a discount code but with the chance to give away a bouquet to one of my lovely readers!

All you have to do to enter is make sure you're following me on Twitter and pop your email in the RaffleCopter widget below. There are chances to gain extra entries too! The giveaway is open to enter until midnight on 14 October, and a winner will be drawn at random and announced on the 15th!

Worried you won't win? You can still use the code BGIFTS33 to get a huge 33% off at the checkout at

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post features items that were sent to me as part of a brand collaboration, but all swooning over flowers is definitely my own!

Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to have an awesome summer holiday on a budget

These days you can't so much as open up Instagram without luxurious far-off getaways being paraded around in front of you, but in reality most of us just can't stretch to that every 4-6 months. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to see the world, no matter their circumstances, so I've put together my top tips for curating the best trip possible for your money, along with a few photos from ours.

I'm extremely lucky that growing up my parents always took us to amazing places. From Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to Greece, there were so many beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels to explore.

Now I'm older and paying for my own summer getaways I've started to realise just how hard they must have worked to afford those trips. We're currently saving for a mortgage deposit while renting in an expensive area, so most 5 star transatlantic destinations are a bit out of reach if we want to eat for the rest of the year!

That said, there's no reason you can't put together a nice, relaxing summer holiday that caters to a tight budget. Last year we traveled to Marrakech on an absolute shoestring, and this year we've just got back from a week in Turkey. Our carefully selected 4 star all inclusive holiday cost just shy of £350 per person including flights, accommodation, food, drink and transfers, and we spent barely anything while there. Here's how we did it:

Stunning Fethiye bay, just a short taxi ride from our hotel

Be flexible

It's no secret that the school holidays have a huge impact on prices and availability - the difference between one week and the next can be as much as double for certain flights and destinations. If like us you don't have kids, it pays to be open to other dates. In most countries tourist season starts around April time and lasts until October. Outside of this many resorts and towns all but close down, but going towards the beginning or end of the season can mean not only more bearable heat and less crowded beaches, but much lower prices.

Pricing can even be affected by the time of day and day of the week you want to travel. Being open to weird flight times (for example our flight home from Turkey took off at 2am) can sometimes take as much as £50-100 per person off the final cost of your holiday. For the sake of being a little tired it's well worth considering.

The adults only pool at our hotel

The best £4.99 I ever spent on eBay

Do your research

I know so many people that will only travel on certain airlines and book through certain operaters when it comes to summer getaways. I have my favourites too. I love Thomson/First Choice for pool and beach holidays, and Expedia for city breaks and going off the beaten track as they're always helpful and reliable. That said, there are a huge number of companies out there offering great deals and also plenty of comparison sites. Be prepared to spend a few evenings endlessly searching and comparing before making your choice, or you could miss an amazing deal!

That said, always, always, aaaaalways read reviews and try to find images of where you're going, research a few things to do in the area etc. Our holiday at the beautiful Hotel Greenland was the 3rd cheapest in my search at the time, and I initially wasn't sure if it was for us, but the endless positive reviews - one of which came from my sister who visited last year! - swayed me and it turned out to be even lovelier than we expected!

From our trip to a local farm

Be spontaneous

I'm someone who likes to have things planned and paid for well in advance so I know what's up, but there's a lot to be said for winging it. Our holiday would have been even cheaper if we'd booked it 3 weeks before. Even if you don't have much flexibility around work etc you can still decide on a two week window you'll book off, put aside a chunk of budget and book it much nearer the time to get a big discount. You can then just un-book any extra holiday days either side of the actual trip if you need to hang onto them for something else, or enjoy some time at home before and after. Just be open to a range of destinations, flight times etc and you're bound to find something great.

The gorgeous Sundial restaurant

Sunset cruise in Fethiye bay

Plan your spending

If you're going all inclusive then it's likely you won't need much money at all. I think we spent about £150 while there but we really didn't need to. We went on a day trip to some local ruins booked through the tour operator, as well as a sunset cruise, and did a little bit of shopping. While you can do these for a little less money on your own, you do miss out on a decent tour guide, which is why I like them. We also had a fancy meal out at the Sundial restaurant in Fethiye, but even this rather posh meal in a beautiful setting (see the restaurant terrace above) only cost the equivalent of £35!

If you're self-catering on a budget it's good to have an idea of what your spending limit will need to be each day. You could minimise costs by having breakfast in your apartment in the mornings, or by agreeing to splurge at a couple of restaurants while otherwise eating more cheaply. The choice is up to you.

If you like to get out and about while away, which I always do, look into braving the public transport as well (providing you're in a safe area, which we were but in some countries you may be more isolated or restricted). We used local buses that cost about 20p per way instead of taxis booked by the hotel at £6 a pop, so there was a huge saving there. Walking is also a great way to explore somewhere new providing you can take the heat!

So there you have it. There are plenty of ways to hunt down the best holiday deals and also to save while you're away. Where to next then?


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Review: 5 reasons to read The Girl on the Train before you see the film

Let's start with a confession: I wasn't interested in reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins until I saw the trailer for the upcoming adaptation. I had sort of vaguely heard of it, but wasn't sure it was my thing. Boy was I wrong!

Too often I only discover a book exists once its movie publicity ends up in front of me, and that's a damn shame. I often then find the idea of just going to the cinema to find out what happens much more appealing, but I know I could be depriving myself of great reading experiences by taking the lazier option.

So while I'm late to the party on this one, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I wasn't sure what to expect but ended up enjoying the book so much that I'll definitely be going to watch it too - here's why (without any spoilers!) you should get yourself a copy:

1. It's fast paced

I'm now incredibly glad I chose this as my book of choice for our holiday last week. When I read by the pool I need something that really grabs me and peaks my interest so even though I may not have picked this up in a normal book haul a thriller was the perfect purchase.

Hawkins' writing is very much 'in the moment' and as such you're whisked straight into the story. Any flashbacks or anecdotes only serve to drive the plot forward so there's very little 'fluff'. From the very first page I found this a difficult book to put down.

2. The central character is unbelievably flawed

Aside from the obvious theme of crime/murder, Hawkins also handles through three central female characters some of the struggles of being a women in your late twenties/early thirties. Protagonist Rachel is a 32-year-old alcoholic divorcee who has a tendency towards obsessive behaviour since her husband's affair came to light.

Since she's the one trying to uncover what happened to the mysterious and now missing Megan, who she has only ever seen from her seat on the train, you also can't help but question her observations, and actions. And yet, she's written so sympathetically that you can't resist rooting for her, even when you're a bit suspicious.

3. It's pretty dark

This thriller is anything but woolly.Alcoholism aside, the novel handles some very dark subjects and does so without glamourising or scandalising them and presents characters in a very real, raw way. I won't spoil any of the books twists and turns but I did find some aspects of the plot pretty sad as well as shocking.

4. You won't be totally sure who 'did it' until you're shown

All of the central characters in The Girl on the Train have a strong motive for harming Megan. I tend not to read thrillers that often because it's too obvious who actually did it, but in this case I only got an inkling around 30-40 pages before the big reveal. 

At one point or another you'll suspect everyone, you'll go over theories and evidence in your head, you'll have weird dreams about solving the crime yourself. By the end of it I felt like I'd become just as obsessive as Rachel herself about finding the answers, and that's why this book as such a cracking read.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to read something that's exciting and just a little bit different then make sure you pick up this book instead of just going to see the film! I only wish all thrillers were this gripping!

Have you read The Girl on the Train already? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What I'm watching and reading right now

Oh autumn, I see you creeping up on us with your amber leaves, darker nights and cosy blankets. I always seem to seek out new shows to watch and books to read at this time of year to maximise the snug factor as much as possible and entertain myself in the evenings. Here's what I'm currently reading/viewing!

Stranger Things

There seem to be very few people left who haven't been sucked into this Sci-Fi Netflix original, and I can totally see why. The series has a real 80s Spielberg vibe (I couldn't stop thinking of E.T.) but also elements of horror that had me with my hands over my eyes. The series is really nostalgic and has themes of friendship, not fitting in and family bonds at its core. It also stars Winona Ryder who I adore. The only downside is that there's just one series until the next is made!

Peaky Blinders

Oh Cillian Murphy, how could I not watch anything you're in! Peaky Blinders has been shown on the BBC since the start, but I only discovered it this summer after finding it on Netflix. Set in post-WW1 Birmingham and featuring a family of wheeler dealer bookies, this show is so much fun to watch. It's a gang drama, and has been made really stylishly - Rock 'n' Rolla in the 1920s anyone?

High Rise

This short novel by JG Ballard has been haunting me ever since I first picked it up. I really couldn't get into it at first as the writing is quite plain and matter-of-fact, so I put it down for what must have been about three months. Last weekend though out of sheer determination to finish it I chomped through almost the entire book and now have just a few pages left.

After taking a fair few chapters to build the plot becomes exciting and violent, sometimes horrifying. The story centres around a huge high-rise block of apartments that becomes shut off from the world and sends it's inhabitants stir crazy. It's heavy going but it explores the way our animalistic nature comes out to play when social constructs are removed. Scary stuff.

What have you been reading or watching lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

4 reasons to keep blogging when everybody else is doing it too

I've written a few posts in the past providing an insight into some of the tips and tricks I've picked up on in the three years I've been blogging consistently, but this isn't one of them. This post is intended more to address the fact that (as many people keep reminding me) everyone and their mother has started a blog or a YouTube channel. Young women everywhere are snapping their meals for Instagram posts, registering custom domains and filming monthly favourites videos.

It's not easy to stand out and cut through the noise, but as the hobby becomes more and more popular it's worth remembering that competing for pageviews doesn't have to be your only aim. People regularly ask me why I still bother to do it when there are probably hundreds of thousands of other bloggers out there trying to do the same thing, but luckily for me I can think of plenty of reasons to continue.

It keeps your creative juices flowing

My very first blog started way back when I was at university as a place to share my poetry and short prose. Things have changed a lot since then but I still use my blog as a place to be not only creative but productive. I love getting my camera out to shoot a post and planning exciting content as much as I love the writing side.

You get exciting opportunities

I had been blogging furiously three times a week for at least 6 months before my first opportunity to collaborate came along. I was invited over to the High Tea Club in Cambridge to review their menu. Looking back it felt pretty special to have been able to go, and I've worked with brands like Thorntons and Multipower since then too. It really opened the doors for some amazing experiences, from cocktail making to massage treatments. It takes some hard work to get noticed but once you do it's very much worth it.

You make amazing friends

The more you get involved in the blogging community, whether online or offline, the more you grow to appreciate it as a special place to be. I've met tonnes of lovely people like Pippa and Lauren through local events and meet up groups - it takes up half my social life some months and I wouldn't have it any other way. I used to hate meeting new people as I'm awkward as hell but blogging has helped me to embrace it!

You can see yourself making progress

Having an archive of blog posts to look over isn't just the chance to have a big ol' cringe fest at your pre-2013 flatlay skills and 'What's in my bag' posts. It's an opportunity to see how far you've come, how your life has changed, your skills have improved and you've continued to stick at something - I find it really helps boost my confidence. It's also a great thing to have on your CV for those very reasons. Use it as a tool to motivate yourself to keep going.

So if you're struggling with motivation, post ideas or making time to get shiz done, don't forget to remind yourself that blogging has more to offer than being a mere popularity contest. 


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The nude lip edit

In case you couldn't tell from the title, this post is a bit of an ode to the humble nude lippy. In my teens I never bothered with lipstick at all, but over the last few years I've gotten into a habit of wearing it every day. While vampy reds aren't really for me when it comes to daytime wear I now have a decent collection of muted tones at my disposal, from warm browns to cool mauves. Here are my faves...

The 'Your lips, but better'

This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but I just love that slightly more 'done' look you can achieve by using a product that's only a shade away from your natural lip colour. 

My all time favourite for this is the NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi - it's beautifully pigmented, matte without being drying and lasts until at least lunchtime before any kind of top-up is needed. It's the perfect low maintenance product. 

For a little more va-va-voom I love the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker glosses. They really plump your lips up, to the point that it actually tingles, and leave a subtle pink colour. Bonus: its also not too sticky.

The MAC ones

Although I have a few other MAC lipsticks these two are the ones I'd recommend investing in the most. Velvet Teddy is probably the most popular shade of recent years and I can totally see why. It's a matte finish and I'd describe it as a browny pink, that leaves lips looking full. 

Persistence is far more brown in kind of a 90s chic way. Again it's pretty matte and I feel like it would probably suit just about anyone.

The pinky purples

I don't always have much luck with pinker lipsticks, but there are two cool-toned products that I use very regularly. 

Last year while in Paris I discovered the wonder product that is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. The shade 13 Marvelous Mauve is by far my favourite of these and I do find them much longer lasting than the NYX version. It's highly pigmented and withstands eating and drinking virtually all day. They can be drying so I do apply a lip balm half an our before I get ready.

A product I go back to time and time again - and a line that's always proven very popular in the beauty world - is Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick. The shade 08 is a gorgeous pinky hue with a semi-matte finish, but isn't too warm.

A shout out also needs to go to Rimmel's The Only One lippy, which although a newer product is also very wearable. The shade 700 Naughty Nude is about as pink as I ever go, with the formula also less matte than my other choices. It's a great one for summer as it's a little brighter than most nudes.
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