Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The lazy girl guide to getting fit

January can be a daunting time for the lazy girl. Everyone else is all smoothies and Fitbits and cook books and 10k training, while the lazy girl clings to the duvet at every chance, longing for the security of Netflix and her good friends Ben and Jerry. Those guys never let a woman down. I know this only too well, because the lazy girl is me.

It's not exactly a secret that getting off your butt is the key to staying fit and well, but boy does it feel like a lot of effort when its effing freezing outside and those cosy Harry Potter trackies you got for Christmas are calling. So how can you motivate yourself to get healthy when it seems like the most un-fun thing in the world?

Set a (proper) goal - There's not much use in deciding this is the year you'll sign up for a marathon if you haven't run for more than the bus since year 11 sports day. It took me a while to train myself up to run using the Couch to 5k programme, and a good few more months to get to that 10k distance. Choose a goal that's achievable for you, whether it's weight loss, running, learning a tricky yoga pose, lifting or competing at a sport there will be something tangible you can work for.

Get some pretty kit - Not to be superficial or anything but gym wear has come a loooong way since the days of legwarmers and Lycra. At the moment I'm addicted to wearing my Davina McCall F+F leggings, which are so comfy I'd wear them out for coffee. Some other great places are H&M and Fabletics. A sweat-stained bar crawl t-shirt from your uni days and regular ol' Primark leggings definitely won't give you the comfort and quick dry technology needed to stay comfy and fabulous when working out. If you invest in your gym wear you'll need to exercise as much as possible to justify it!

Do it for a cause - While we're on the subject of guilt-tripping yourself, there are so many sporting events open to the general public these days. If military-style obstacle courses seem a bit too scary (ain't no way this girl here is lifting herself over a 10ft wall or crawling through mud) why not join a fun run, charity bike ride or lend a few lengths to a swimathon? Sports Relief is coming up in March so there'll be plenty of opportunities. It's much less likely that you'll back out if your goal also involves fundraising - there were times I never thought I'd make distance for my 10k last year but the thought of letting people down after collecting almost £600 pushed me through!

Hit up YouTube - If the thought of the gym terrifies you, YouTube has what seems like an unlimited supply of workouts for all tastes and abilities. Chill out with some Yoga with Adriene or up the intensity with this ten Victoria Secret Abs workout - the choice is yours according to what you fancy and how much time you have. There are also some great apps out there that can make exercise more interesting. I set myself up with the brilliant Yoga Studio app so my stretching sessions feel like one-to-one classes, and Zombie Run is fun if you can't find a motivating enough jogging playlist.

How do you motivate yourself to keep fit?


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