Sunday, 31 January 2016

The makeup brush cleaning tool I wish I'd known about sooner!

I'm one of those people that reeeeeally hates things like washing makeup brushes, but lucky for me I'm also one of those people that gets spots if I let them get too dirty. It's safe to say that left unwashed, makeup brushes are a hotbed for bacteria, grease and grime. 

I think one of the reasons I don't like doing it is that they take forever to dry - I usually have to leave them a good 24 hours laid out on a towel or kitchen roll for them to feel properly dry, and when you use them daily this is such a pain! Enter the brush tree.

My lovely hairdresser Phie introduced me to this simple invention, that holds your brushes vertically for drying. The idea is that allowing all the water to run down and out of the bristles, ensuring they are bone dry and preventing any bacteria from forming down in the roots. 

Now my brush washing routine consists of the following steps:
  • Grab my yucky brushes and scoot on over to the bathroom
  • Run the tap at a hot temperature (but not so hot my fingers will burn. I find using running water much better than filling the sink as you're just swilling the brushes around in their gunk otherwise!)
  • Wash my hands so they're nice and clean to start with
  • Spray with B Makeup Brush Cleanser (£4.99 from Superdrug) and swirl into the brush to loosen the residue
  • Rinse under the tap
  • Repeat the previous two steps with a blob of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and really get stuck into the bristles when rinsing
  • Wipe of any excess water from the handle etc
  • Reshape the brushes and place into the brush holder and leave to dry.
I'm finding the brushes dry slightly quicker and most importantly feel so much cleaner! The holder also falls flat when you take it apart so when not in use it just sits in my makeup drawer down the side of my pallets - it's that dinky!

If you're in the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire area you can purchase either a 14 hole (that's the one pictured above) or 26 hole brush holder from Phie's Salon in Harston, or if you're from a different neck of the woods, you can also get them from Amazon or eBay!


  1. This is genius! Thank you for opening my eyes!

    Parie x

  2. My god, I feel like this is the thing I've been looking for for so long!

    1. That's how I felt! It actually makes me want to brush them as they can just sit in the corner and dry overnight rather than taking up loads of space and time!

  3. This is such a simple yet such an incredible idea, why have I never stumbled across it before? Definitely need to pick one up for myself!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka


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