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15 blog post ideas that don't totally suck

I've done a couple of these blogging prompt posts before (the most popular one is here), but I thought it was about time for another! Blogging is such a saturated area of the internet at the moment and I really do struggle to come up with content that's original and interesting sometimes.

I find grabbing a pen and paper and just brainstorming some topics much more helpful than opening a blank post and staring into the emptiness. The below is what I've just come up with and I know these topics will be easy to put an individual spin on!

1. Love what you do for a living? Discuss how you ended up in your career and give some tips for anyone wanting to get into the same business.
2. Share your wardrobe essentials for a particular occasion or theme, whether it's work, date night or the beach.
3. Good at staying healthy? Put together a post linking to some of your favourite recipes, workouts and playlists.
4. I love to travel and thrive off of other people's travel blogs when I'm too poor to book flights! Share your top tips on your favourite destinations - don't forget to add some photos!
5. What's the one book you'd recommend to all your friends? Why?
6. Set yourself a challenge (e.g. sign up for a 10k race, don't buy anything new for a month, give up sweets) and check in on your progress weekly.
7. Reveal a controversial opinion - everyone has one about something!
8. Was there a particular moment that totally changed your perspective on life? What was it? Maybe it was something a teacher once said, a breakup, a low moment, a career breakthrough - share it with your readers.
8. Give us a tour of your room or house - even if it's the box room in your parents place!
9. Gather some snaps of yourself throughout the ages and bring us in on the cringe.
10. Be a tourist in your own town.
11. Share a DIY or 'how to' if you know how to do something nifty, from knitting a scarf to getting the perfect eyeliner flick.
12. What would your death row meal be? Ask your readers to share theirs.
13. Grab your best friend and have a Q and A session - you could vlog this too!
14. Create an 'ultimate guide' to something you're awesome at. Turn it into a nice long post with images throughout!
15. Don't just share a wishlist of stuff you'll actually end up buying - put together an uber wishlist of the ridiculous things you'd buy if you suddenly hit the lottery jackpot (I'm assuming people would buy ridiculous things because my first purchase would probably be a monkey butler).

I know I'll be attempting some of these over the next few weeks - will you? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to link the post if you do!


  1. These are really great ideas and different from the usual ones that are thrown around!

  2. Love the ultimate guide idea! Thanks for sharing some unique ones x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  3. Great ideas lovely !! I love how these actually have quite a lot of thought behind them and are so realistic!! I definitely will take some of these on hand - I love the idea of wardrobe essentials !!

  4. These are some really cool ideas. I have been in a little rut about ideas lately and these will probably prompt some ideas for me. :)