Saturday, 6 February 2016

The brand that saved my skin from winter

I'd never had properly dry skin before until this year - I'd always had an oily face and the odd flaky area on my body. Never itchy, uncomfortable or dull-looking. But this winter has been very different, I think due to the fact that most weekdays I don't really get any fresh air and I certainly don't get any natural sunlight.

My office has no windows and the hours mean that I almost always arrive in darkness and leave at sunset this time of year. Aside from the fact that it's definitely had an impact on how alert and motivated I feel during the day, it's absolutely ravaged my skin. I got to the point a few weeks ago where my hands were cracking and stinging, I had patches of itchy, flaky skin on the less oily parts of my face that were starting to turn red, and my clothes were basically rubbing my skin off it was so dry.

Enter Aveeno! I wasn't totally sure this stuff would help, having tried the usual e45 lotion to no avail, however I purchased the hand cream and skin relief lotion on a whim - if it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston it's good enough for me! The price tag is also really affordable, with a big pump bottle costing only £7.65.

I've had mild reactions to thick body lotions in the past as well as breakouts as I think my skin suffocates a bit under them, but that wasn't the case with Aveeno. It's specially formulated for irritable and sensitive skin, with shea butter and a gentle triple oat complex that soothes and protects - anyone who's suffered severe dry skin or skin disorders will know that oat baths are a traditional treatment, so to me it seems a logical basis for the lotion.

The relief was honestly instant, and lasts on even through a shower. At first I applied this every morning religiously, even to my face at night as while intensely nourishing it doesn't feel greasy and slimy. After about a week things were much calmer, all of the flakiness had gone and that itchy feeling was subsiding. I've now reduced my application to every other day as it really does last, and things are looking so much better, if not virtually back to normal.

My hands are also the best they've been in years - the cream forms a protective layer that lasts through washing them, which is great for when your out and about and have to use harsh and drying public bathroom soaps.

I cannot recommend the Aveeno brand enough if you struggle with dry skin or patches of mild eczema.


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