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8 inspirational workspaces for bloggers, writers and creatives

Living at Mat's parents house at the moment means I don't currently have a desk to work from. With two of us in a small room there's just not space! That hasn't stopped me from lusting over beautiful workspaces on Pinterest. I'd actually pay to work from spaces like this. Is there an Air B&B for that? 

Here are my faves:

1. Chic and simple

You can't go wrong with light tones and metallic accessories. I love the geometric shapes that are carried through the furniture and print.

2. Organised

I'm so much more in sync with my schedule and workload when I can see it in front of me. This organised individual has it down, with a chalk calendar on the wall and a decent amount of storage space. Drawers and folders don't have to look like ugly clutter!

3. Calm

The blue accents, soft furnishings and plants give this desk area so much chill. A large print or wall hanging is ideal if you're not working near a window, so you have something to look at while you're thinking.

4. Wanderlust

This is probably my favourite workspace of the bunch purely for the colour. The map print is beautiful and the mix of wooden furniture and bright tribal print suggests this person is vibrant and has a sense of adventure!

5. Rustic

This is a slightly more masculine/neutral space so would be ideal if your desk setup is in a shared space or needs to blend into another area like a living room. The shelving has been used so creatively, forming a little cubbyhole you can use get immersed in your projects.

6. Fashionista

This is such a cool space - I love the arrow light! I can imagine this as the space of a blogger or fashion journalist. It's fairly simple in terms of the wall colour and furniture but the cushion, light and pinboard can easily be switched up as trends and seasons change.

7. Girly

This would be an ideal setup if working from your bedroom, which at least from my point of view tends to be the most feminine space in a house or flat. The flowers and prints have a personal touch about them. If like many you're still living with your parents it's nice to have a space you can put your own stamp on with art and decoration.

8. Blank canvas

Sometimes white spaces can be great for creativity. It's not totally lacking in personality but there are no busy distractions to stop you from getting sh*t done.

How do you organise your workspace?

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  1. I love the last one - perfect for a small space! I don't have a workspace yet either, but I'm working on it 😉

    Nina - www.wordsbynina.com