Saturday, 12 March 2016

Ask yourself this one question to help your posts cut through the blogging noise

The world of blogging is a very saturated one at the moment. There are tens of thousands of us out there, all hoping to engage readers, many hoping to make it big. But the more of us there are, the harder it is to really stand out and cut through the noise. You can improve your writing, jazz up your photography and use a snazzy layout, but it won't necessarily make people want to click through and read your posts in the first place.

Before every post you write, always ask yourself "Am I saying anything new?". If you're a blogger, chances are whatever you're going to write about - whether it's a product review, a holiday destination, a life event, anything - somebody has already done so. But that doesn't mean you need to throw the topic out of the window.

Say for example you've recently been on holiday to Barcelona. You want to do an 'ultimate guide' style post but a quick google search reveals countless pre-existing versions from other, bigger bloggers. What spin can you add that might make your guide not only more specific, but also more useful and more likely to appeal to readers looking for this kind of information?

Instead of 'The Ultimate Guide to Barcelona' your post title could be 'The Foodie's Ultimate Guide to Barcelona', 'Barcelona on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide' or 'Solo Travel in Barcelona'. This way your post is tapping into a particular need and providing a solution.

Try it for a few weeks and hopefully you'll see more people finding something new and useful on your blog and really engaging with your posts!



  1. It's important to be different but even more important to write about what you want to write about - if you want to write about something boring thats been done 1000s of times before then I say go for it! Whatever makes you happy :)

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I think there needs to be a balance if you're looking to attract and engage an audience. IF you're going to write about something that's been done to death, without an original, personal take on it, then you can't expect people to find your post interesting.

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