Sunday, 20 March 2016

What are your Lush favourites?

I'm a huge fan of Lush, but when I first started buying from them their huge product range was a bit daunting! Over the years I've built up a repertoire of go-to products that I keep repurchasing and almost always have in the cupboard. There's something about the natural ingredients that just work with my skin so well. I thought I'd share my absolute favourites.

Tea Tree Water - This toner water is so soothing on angry, acne-prone skin and also helps oil production. It's naturally antibacterial so I think that's where the main benefit comes from. I've used many a harsh toner before and they've all made my skin angry or (more recently) aggravated my blepharitis. This is gentle but still gets the job done. Apply either by spraying all over or onto a cotton pad. I currently have a large bottle but you can get smaller ones instore which are perfect for handbags and weekend getaways.

Grease Lightning - Continuing the tea tree theme, this spot treatment is simply the one. I've spent so much money on expensive blemish gels but they still don't really compare. It's not drying to the skin but expertly takes out redness and inflammation.

Cosmetic Warrior - I interchange between this mask and the catastrophe cosmetic one as they're both amazing on problem skin. The former is less drying than the latter and while it smells a bit weird it really does the job.

Mint Julips - I've gotten really into my lipsticks lately and while I prefer a matte look it does show up dry patches and chapped lips. This scrub tastes amazing and removes flaky skin without aggravating it. The jojoba oil leaves them so soft.

What are your Lush favourites? Any recommendations?


  1. I can't believe i've never tried any of these four products! I love the sound of "Grease lightning" x

  2. Love the sound of Tea Tree Water - I'll be giving that a go :) I like the mask which is supposed to be for mature skin / I think it's called The Sacred Truth? It's very calming and hydrating


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