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10 years of Neal's Yard Remedies' One Pot Wonder

Last week I was invited down to the Cambridge Neal's Yard Remedies store to celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of its most iconic products, Wild Rose Beauty Balm*. Like most people my experience of NYR until now went as far as their rather luxurious hand creams - I'd seen the product in store before but never actually tried it. My experience at the store has totally converted me to the rest of their range.

When I arrived I got chatting to the staff a while and picked up a couple of aromatherapy roll-on's to help with my daily struggle with eye strain. You see NYR is more than just a skincare brand. The whole ethos surrounds herbal remedies and every ingredient in all their products from candles to eye cream is selected for its unique natural properties. There were loose lead teas, tinctures, essential oils and more to indulge in and the ladies that work in the store are incredibly knowledgeable.

The store is also a spa, with treatment rooms downstairs offering a wide range of packages. My visit entailed a hand and arm massage, using none other than Wild Rose Beauty Balm. When I was invited to the hand and arm massage I wondered how necessary they really were, but as someone with chronically dry, sort-of elderly looking hands that also spends a lot of time hunched over a desk I was proved very wrong.

The massage works the balm into the skin, with the therapist massaging out any knots (my mouse arm had plenty!) and also paying special attention to the hands and cuticles. The balm contains antioxidant rich rosehip seed oil, patchouli to strengthen and stimulate damaged skin, borage (a.k.a. starflower) to tackle inflammation and restore the moisture barrier, and geranium to balance and smooth. I probably don't need to tell you that the scent is incredible, but the moisturising effects also lasted more than 24 hours even with showering - I'm impressed!

I spoke with the therapist about the balms different uses and couldn't believe how many there are, hence its reputation as a 'one put wonder'. You can use the balm as a cleanser, a moisturiser, a mask treatment, a lip balm, a cuticle treatment, as a highlighter over makeup and to tame unruly brows, to name but a few!

At £38.00 per pot I was initially startled by the price-point, but can say after just a few uses at home that it's worth every penny and will last for ages. Having a product that's truly luxurious yet so versatile means I'll always find a use for it. You can purchase some for yourself here, complete with a soft muslin cloth.

*The product and treatment were provided by Neal's Yard Remedies for review purposes but all gushing opinions are totally my own.

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  1. I really love this product, and their rose range in general! The rose shampoo is absolutely gorgeous, I totally recommend it. <3