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The 4 unlikely products that are helping my blemish prone skin

I've made no secret of the fact that while my skin was very, very good to me throughout my teenage years adulthood has been a very different story. I have skin prone to breakouts and redness, the scars take an age to fade and it's not done a whole lot for my confidence!

I've tried so many different products to help clear these persistent blemishes, but many have been a waste of money or have ended up being too harsh or stripping for my sensitive skin. I've always pretty oily skin but at nearly 24 years old it seems to have taken a turn towards combination, with dry patches around my forehead, chin and eyebrows.

I've recently taken a far more stripped back approach to my skincare, avoiding harsh cleansers in favour of gentle ones and coconut oil. There are four products (two of them supplements) that have really earned their place in my daily routine.

Dr Stuarts Skin Purify Tea

This organic and naturally caffeine free tea contains red clover, nettle and dandelion - the idea is that these plants have anti-inflammatory properties, regulate hormones and accelerate healing. I noticed a difference after having 1-2 cups a day for only a week and they are incredibly cheap and easy to get hold of. The company actually won a Queen's Award this week for their efforts and I can see why!

Vitamin D

After an eye condition ruined my start to 2016 (and yes, it's unfortunately still ongoing!) a blood test found that I was very vitamin D deficient. I work in a windowless office so winter really took its toll on my levels. D plays a huge role in the body's ability to fight off infection, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, which is why it's so important for healthy, glowing skin. After finishing my megadose course I now take Holland and Barrett liquid D3 capsules daily. I actually notice my skin looks sallower when I forget to take it so I make sure I never miss a dose.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

It seems everyone's become obsessed with this product since Kylie Jenner revealed it as one of her skincare secrets over on Snapchat. Calming calamine takes down redness while salicylic acid works to tackle bacteria and dry out whiteheads. It's a weird formulation with the lotion at the bottom and an alcohol solution sitting on top, but it's not harsh at all and doesn't dry out the surrounding skin. You simply dip a cotton bud in to get the lotion out and apply to the blemish for leaving on overnight or until you put your makeup on. Again this is a steal considering the quality at only £12.50.

Bare Minerals loose foundation in 'Light'

I must admit I had never really been sold on Bare Minerals in the past. I had this idea in my head that it wouldn't provide me any more coverage than a pressed finishing power, which would never be enough for my angry skin. After my eyes got bad though I wondered if products like foundation could be exacerbating the problem and decided to try something more natural. Used with the Bare Minerals G3 brush the powder is light but very build-able. The more you blend the creamier it becomes. It also doesn't feel greasy at the end of the day which many powders tend to, so I'll be continuing with this stuff for daytime wear and switching to a thicker liquid for nights out (I say this like I have more than one a month these days!). Since I began using it I've had far less blackheads and a lot more confidence in my skin.

What products or supplements have helped your skin? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love the sound of tea, might have to order some! Drying Lotion is everywhere at the moment, must try that too!

    Parie x

  2. I love the sound of the tea! I've also heard so many amazing things about the drying lotion but have yet to try it - I should probably get my hands on it seeing as I get really badly blemished skin!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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